And I will set one Shepherd over them. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 33

Yulia Ivanova

And I will set one Shepherd over them. Joseph Stalin Threshold 33

The enemy is at the door. The conversation with Lord Beaverbrook.

* * *

The AG - Angel-Guardian
The AD - Angel-Destroyer

Molotov. N. Khrushchev. I .Kireevsky. W. Shakespeare.

* * *
Molotov to Chuev:

'In general, to the day of the attack, to the very hour of the attack we were not ready.'

'Yes, for the hour of the attack no one could be prepared, even the Lord God,' Molotov objected, 'we were waiting for the attack, and we had a main goal: not to give Hitler a reason to attack.
He would have said, 'the Soviet troops are at the border already; they are forcing me to act!'

'How could we keep all members of the Politburo, healthy and sick in suspense every day?
And what about all people and all cadres?

We canceled the 7-hour working day for two years before the war!
We abolished shift of workers from enterprise to enterprise in search of better conditions.
And many live very poorly, looking for where to live better, and we canceled it.

There was no housing but construction of plants was enormous.
Creation of new army units armed with tanks, planes...
Constructors were all tugged, 'Come quick, come quick!' They did not have time, they were all young designers!

And such people as Tukhachevsky was, if a trouble would stir up, it is unclear which side they would support.
He was a dangerous man.
I'm not sure that at this difficult moment he would have remained entirely on our side because he was right.
The right danger was a main one at the time.
And too many right-wing does not know what they are right, and do not want to be right.

Trotskyites, those loudmouths said, 'We will not hold out!" We will win!'
They said who they were.
And these defenders of kulaks, they sit even more deeply. And they are careful. And they have a lot of supporters everywhere: peasants, philistine mass.

In twentieth we have was very thin stratum of party leadership, and this thinnest stratum there were cracks all the time: right-wingers and nationalism or workers' opposition...

One evidence of this was Khrushchev.
He came from right-wingers and disguised himself as a Stalinist or a Leninist:
'Father Stalin! We are ready to give life to thee; we will destroy everyone!'
And as soon as the hoop was weakened, he showed his true face

* * *

'All peoples of the Soviet Union saw Stalin as a friend, father and leader.

Stalin is a friend of people in his simplicity.

Stalin - the father of the people in his love for the people.

Stalin is leader of peoples in his wisdom of leader struggle of peoples' strugle.'

(N. Khrushchev)

* * *

Molotov to Chuev:

'Before the war we required enormous sacrifices from workers and peasants.
Small farmers were paid little for bread, cotton and for work. We had no money to pay them! From what to pay?
We are reproached we do not take into account the material interests of peasants.
Well, if we would take them into account, we would each a deadlock.
We did not have enough money for gun!

June 1940 had passed, and it set us up that place, and June 1941 would also pass. There was some underestimation, I think.
We prepared with enormous stress, I think to be prepared better was impossible.
Well, maybe, five percent more could be done, but not more than five percent.

We tried as much as we could to prepare the country for defense and inspired people: if the war tomorrow, if tomorrow a campaign, we are now ready to march!
We did not forced people to go to sleep and all the time cheered and inspired them.
If all this tension took place, some respite needs was needed...

Khrushchev used the words of Winston Churchill that he warned Stalin.
Stalin then said this:
'I did not need any warnings. I knew that the war would begin but thought I would be able to win another six months'.

Stalin was blamed for this. He relied on himself, and thought that he could delay the war.

But this would be silly, because Stalin could not rely on ourselves in this case, and the entire country.
He was not thinking about myself but about the whole country. This was also the main interest of our entire nation to delay the war even for a few weeks.

A week and a half before the war a TASS report was declared that the Germans had nothing against us and we still had a normal relationship.
I think it was invented Stalin.

Berezhkov criticizes Stalin that there were no reason for this message.
This is a diplomatic game. A game, of course.
But we failed.
Not every attempt brings good results but the attempt itself did not foresee anything wrong.

Berezhkov wrote that it was clearly naive.
It was not na?ve but a certain diplomatic move, a political move.'

* * *

'The future war will become the deadliest for the bourgeoisie because the war will occur not only on the fronts but also in the rear of the enemy.
The bourgeoisie cannot doubt that many friends of the working class in the USSR in Europe and Asia will try to hit the rear of their oppressors who started a criminal war against the fatherland of working class of all countries'.
J. Stalin)

'We must not lull the party but to develop its vigilance.
Do not put to sleep it but keep it ready.
Not to disarm and arm'.
J. Stalin)

'We must finally understand that people or cadres are the valuable capital in the.
We must understand that under the current circumstances 'cadres decide everything'.
(J. Stalin)

* * *


God spontaneously germinates in peoples' soul through all their denials, crimes and sins.
Was in the world even one notorious villain who managed to completely kill God in his soul? Or conscience?
Disputes are mainly about 'What is truth?'
Saul was a persecutor of Christians but he became the apostle Paul by the will of God...

"What about Judas?" said the AD "he is a symbol of evil, entirely ours."

"Even Judas, I think. Otherwise, he would have quietly spent his thirty pieces of silver but not hanged himself.
However, pride prevented him to repent; it was satanic pride.

* * *

Grace is given not only to members of the church but also to those who simply 'stand on the way'.
For their righteousness and purity of heart.
It is given by prayer of those who consciously, by their minds or hearts, cry to the Creator, thus recognizing their heavenly origins.

'Our Father'... Our Father in heaven ...
He is not 'my' but 'our'. In the Lord's Prayer we recognize ourselves as single God-manhood who are eager to meet the Heaven when they are still on the earth, in souls and hearts.

'Thy will be done on earth as in heaven ...'

How do we know how many Party members and non-members applied from secret depths of their hearts with this prayer to Heaven?
But without such a free choice of the Light and the Mystery in contrast to 'mess of pottage' grace is not given without hidden or explicit will.

The Lord does not save anyone by force.
Saul was not dead; he searched for truth and therefore became Paul.
He was 'hot'.
And many Soviet people, were 'hot' too."

"What about others, of whom it is said, 'let the dead bury their dead'?"
From those Joseph ones defended his live sheep, using both carrots and sword, constipation and the iron curtain because he was responsible for his sheep to heaven.

He instinctively saw that by living righteously, being satisfied by 'daily bread', selflessly and devotedly serving 'liberation of humanity' from the power of the Vampia and Mammon, (i.e., liberation, which is understood in a spiritual mainstream), those who were redeemed and fenced 'from evil' will receive the grace of salvation.

For without grace one cannot find the kingdom.
It is impossible to construct 'new wineskins' and new man who would be able to live under the Law of Heaven on the Plan.
Without grace rebirth is inevitable.
In some full moon, when the clock will strike midnight, in the high-ranking incubator small snakes will hatch...

That was what Joseph began to clearly see that, when he acted by genius intuition, creating a paternalistic state, as opposed to Babylon, and introducing Christian ethics by his special decrees:
'All for one and one for all'."

"The Bolsheviks called it 'democratic centralism," snoffed the AD.

"Anyway he drove his sheep through narrow path of salvation where the slightest deviation left or right to threatened with fall into the abyss..."

"Right and Left deviators," giggled the AD, 'We have learnt it."

"Stop clowning.
God of Joseph is a stern Old Testament judge.
He is a celestial being who commanded Moses to lead his people out of Egypt, get rid of 'hard works'. It was work for the Vampa, which exhausted the best life forces of humanity like cancer does."

"To the kingdom of freedom we will made our way by our breasts', the AD did not stop, "to the Promised Land."

"Anyway, he managed to do the main thing: to impart people with strong immunity against evil quantitative thirst for infinity at the expense of qualitative one.

Incidentally, the son of darkness, what would be your first law in the case of coming to power?

"It is forbidden to forbid!" hissed the AD, "as for the host, as for us."

"Well, you see..."

It is a connection of Caesar with the Savior.
It's to save people 'from evil', give them "daily bread' and everything they need today.

And to help everyone to perform an individual plan or mission to find his own gift, develop and implement in the direction desired by Heaven.
That is free-joyful and selfless service to the Cause of the Father.

'As we forgive our debtors'...
In other words, we forgive those for whom we worked, and who seemed to owe us for our work; we forgive and leave these debts.
For this is the only way to repay a debt to the Father.
Who gives us health, talents, life itself to serve the WHOLE. We are a family of chosen people.

Such is His will.
It would be funny and silly for a single cell organism to demand payment for its service because in return it gets what is necessary also freely from everyone. And Life from Whole
Because it cannot survive by alone in eternity.

"So it's Egor's program!" Joanna exclaimed.

"I would like to ask strangers not to pipe in!" the AG shook his white finger, "your Yegor is not born yet."
And here we have a historical process once and for all.
All that is good, of course..."

"It's in your place," interrupted the AD, "But at ours, in the darkness, there is nothing good, never and nowhere.

The Judgement will tell us whether Joseph and saved his people.

In any case, the previous and the subsequent periods and their bitter fruits soon will rather justify our defendant than accuse him.
Convincingly demonstrating what happens, despite many open churches with graceless flock that is infected with vampirism and forgot of its heavenly origin.

If the flock would not be given a strict pastor with a rod of iron by great mercy of God.

'Thus saith the Lord GOD;
Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them/

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD unto them; Behold, I, even I, will judge between the fat cattle and between the lean cattle.
Because ye have thrust with side and with shoulder, and pushed all the diseased with your horns, till ye have scattered them abroad;
Therefore will I save my flock, and they shall no more be a And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them.
(Ezekiel 34:0, 20, 24)

"David was one of the underground nicknames of Joseph," hissed the AD, "we have learnt this version already."
"Anyway, the practice of Soviet life has once again shown that God is not always where they repeat, 'Lord, Lord.'
But he is where they do his will.

It is the greatest lie of all times and peoples, devilish slander, conspiracy against God's plan and His stronghold Holy Russia, later the Soviet Union.
I'm talking about the system of values.

And from time to time our people ignominiously fall from the height where their great ancestors climbed up with incredible efforts.
They fall down from the tower into a dirty pool, teeming with all sorts of reptiles swimming, and make fun in it.
Assuring themselves and others that have finally found the Truth.

* * *

'Inner consciousness that is a living common focus at heart for all the separate forces of mind, and one worthy to comprehend the ultimate truth, this consciousness is constantly raises the very image of human thinking.

Humbling his rational self-conceit, it does not restrict the freedom of the natural laws of his thinking but on the contrary it strengthens his identity and yet willingly subordinates his faith.'

(I. Kireyevsky)

* * *

The one who has godlike mind inserted into us,
He did it not to waste it.

(V. Shakespeare)

* * *

'Comrades Red Army and Red Navy men, commanders and political instructors, men and women guerrillas!
The whole world looks at you as a force capable of destroying predatory hordes of German invaders.
Enslaved pe
oples of Europe fallen under the yoke of the German invaders look at you as their liberators.

The Great Liberation mission fell to your lot. Be worthy of this mission!

The war you are waging is a war of liberation, a just war.

Let the brave image of our great ancestors Alexander Nevskago, Dimitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin, Dimitry Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov inspire you in this war!'
(J. Stalin)

* * *

'Together with the Red Army many thousands of workers, farmers and intellectuals rise to fight against the enemy aggressor.
Vast masses of our people will rise.

The working people of Moscow and Leningrad have already begun to create many thousands members of militia to support the Red Army.
In each city, which is threatened by an invasion of the enemy, we must create militia to raise all workers for the struggle to protect their freedom, their honor and their country by their chests in our patriotic war against German fascism'.
(J. Stalin. November 7, 1941)

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