200 of our Cities were Subject to Nuclear Attacks. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 37
On the Watch of Home Moscow. October, 1941

Yulia Ivanova

200 of our Cities were Subject to Nuclear Attacks. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 37

* * *
AG - Angel-Guardian
AD - Angel-Destroyer.

Witnesses: Sergius Bulgakov, V. Molotov, G/ Zhukov, N. Yakovlev.

* * *
'During the winter campaign of 1942-1943 years of the Red Army inflicted a serious defeat of Nazi troops.
It wiped out a huge amount of manpower and equipment surrounded the enemy and eliminated two enemy's armies at Stalingrad, took captive of more than 300,000 enemy soldiers and officers and freed Soviet cities and hundreds of thousands of villages from the German yoke.

The winter campaign showed that the offensive power of the Red Army had grown.
Our troops not only ousted the Germans from the territory occupied by them in the summer of 1942 but retook several towns and districts that were in hands of the enemy about one and half years.
It was beyond Germans' power to prevent the offensive of the Red Army.'
(J. Stalin)

'Our people will save forever the memory of the heroic defense of Sevastopol and Odessa, of refractory battles near Moscow and in the foothills of the Caucasus, in the region of Rzhev and around Leningrad, of the greatest battle in history of wars near the walls of Stalingrad.

In these great battles our valiant soldiers, commanders and political instructors covered with undying glory battle banners of the Red Army and laid a solid foundation for victory over the Nazi armies.'
(The newspaper Pravda, February 23, 1943)

* * *


"This is the condemnation, that light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.

For everyone who does evil hates the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds be reproved, because they are evil;

And the truth comes to light, so conspicuous was his deeds that they are wrought in God.'
(John. 3:19-21)

That is, those will be justified who are GOING TO LIGHT AND PRACTICING THE TRUTH.
For the works of those practicing the truth is wrought in God.

This directly relates to Soviet people.
At least, Joseph managed to create Antivampiria with his 'rod of iron'.
The bfamily of nations opposing the world's evil, the kingdom of Mammon.

'... Excuse me, but I in the absence of the taste of provincialism, the inability and unwillingness to settle their microcosm, a sort of independence can see all the same stamp of greatness of our nation and its spiritual superiority.
At least, in the vocation.
The only people in the world of the universal consciousness, devoid of nationalism...
And in general this is a guarantee a great future.
All great things are difficult and even dangerous.'
(The Archpriest Sergius Bulgakov)

Capitalism is more or less civilized world of predators, divided the territory into 'zones of ownership'.

Socialism is a hotel with equal rights for everyone but with individual suites. They who do not have envy of them who have, which potentially gives rise to the possibility of restoration of capitalism.

Communism is the ideal is one happy family of nations, welded by love.
'All for one and one for all'. Share in two even a bread crust.'

The Kingdom of Heaven is the family of the children of Heaven, welded by love.
In the House of the Father.

* * *

There are eternal values of God.
These are, above all, good deeds:
Feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, clothe the naked, heal the sick.
Cultivate 'cultivate reason, kindness and eternal values' 'getting rid of the evil one'.

And, of course, defend your saving Fatherland.
All major Soviet confessions blessed their flock to protect its Homeland-Antivampia.
'Who laid his soul for others and suffered everything till the end...'

Every day of Soviet people that was lived by 'the truth' turned personal historical and corruptible time in Eternity.
In the eternal value, blessed by Heaven.
It was perfectly understood by Pasternak in his poem applying to Joseph:

I realized: everything is alive.
The ages cannot be lost,
And life without financial gain -
Is an enviable lot

Thank you, thank you
Two thousand years,
In the works without straightening
Which left the light for us.

"Wait, why "two thousand?' interrupted the AD.

"Two thousand years of Christianity history, the son of darkness. Listen further:

I understood everything in power,
In color and juice.
And to new worlds
I'm flowing as a drop.

As a perpetual collapse
Bursting from the outside,
Great in small
Will be echoed in me

And laugh at ruines,
And an thought came from the plow,
Both Lenin and Stalin,
And these poems.

World-view or 'a state of mind' of everyone will be judged,.

Did a person managed in his earthly life to recover from self generated vampirism or at least understand that he was SICK?

Or he still dares to take away from the Creator of His children their time and souls... or he spends his life, feasting at their and even the Almighty's expense...

The feeling of a small part of the universal rising of the whole, God-manhood, selflessly serving this Whole...
It was, consciously or intuitively, present at Soviet people.

This was PEOPLE, not cattle.

State of mind, heart, aware of itself as 'small in the great', its compliance to the Plan.

Any small cell, selflessly serving every living organism on earth, part of which it is, gets life as a reward.
Temporal and earthly one. Flower, tree, bird. All cells and organs of human body...

'Except an appendix,' chuckled the AD.

'Chuckles are out of place; everything is too serious.
Earthly life is a reward for compliance to the Planlans on the ground.
Eternal life is a reward of men in the kingdom.

'Cultivate reason, kindness and eternal values'.
This formula of salvation lies in the traditional Christian values and other major religious confessions.

Did 'comrades' have this world-view with their 'beautiful but not yet clear dream?
Beyond doubt.
It was primarily rooted in the hearts yearning for the Light.

Rejecting bourgeois Vampire, where you can at the expense of others to give vent to your baser instincts, dreaming of the mystery, they have thus embarked on the Way.

And the Lord invisibly walked alongside.
And the Kingdom was being born in the hearts of people, giving them a feeling of happiness and completeness of true being.
The way to immortality of inadmissibility of the Great Whole.

And how mush human rights were observed at it

* * *

'My ways are not your ways'.

Is it permissible for good to have fists?
In a fight with those who are able to turn the earth by his claw, if you allow him...
With his army of darkness...
With a werewolf of original sin From sitting in everyone...
With a potential vampire killing his master first?

Joseph once for all said solved this question for himself.

His Old Testament thinking set a super task:
Pasture them, entrusted to him by God, with a 'rod of iron', shooting at wolves, both internal and external ones.
Put them on the Way and drive them forward, up, sifting out black sheep (though not without mistakes).

And take full responsibility for it before God.

The main thing was to get rid of evil one, who fed people with deceptive poisonous fruits.
Withdraw them from the vampires.
From the 'slavery of Egypt' at a bad quantitative infinity and tribal necessity. From the 'hostile work'...

And his flock served 'the dawn of Communism', not relying on the eternal kingdom (it is the hope of a church congregation).
'Homo sovetikus' fulfilled fulfilled the commandments unselfishly not only according to the party rules, ordinances of the Politbureau or of the Young Communist League meetings, but at the behest of its heart...
Not believing in hellish torment beyond the grave.

That is not because of fear, not for reward, not as slaves or mercenaries, but as sons...
What made their feat particularly valuable in the all-seeing eyes of God...

* * *

The order of the People's Commissar of Defense:

'In February 23, 1943 the guard soldier of the 254th Guards Rifle Regiment Alexander Matveyevich Matrosov, at the decisive moment of the fight against the Nazi invaders for the village of Chernushki, breaking to the enemy's pillbox, covered its embrasure with his body.
He sacrificed himself and thus ensured the success of the attacking unit...

The Hero of the Soviet Union the soldier Alexander Matrosov Matveyevitch should be included forever in the lists of the 1st Company of the 254 Guards Regiment by the name of Alexander Matrosov.
The People's Commissar of Defense, Marshal Stalin.

* * *

'I was recently in Hungary, I was told that nobody believes in communism among them.'

They are burgers, convinced burgers.
The Russians have some inner feeling, they like big scales. If to fight, fight seriously, if to build socialism, let it be on a global scale...

It was a special mission. In this case, yes.

As Dostoevsky said, 'God-bearing people'.

God-bearing, yes. He has his own things ...
Nevertheless decided not afraid of difficulties, opened the way for other peoples ...

Different people live together and breathe differently.
For some of them socialism is a great goal, for others it is acceptable and not too worried.'

'Stalin processed a case towards the death of imperialism and to the approximation of communism,' said Molotov, 'we needed peace. But according to the Americans plans, two hundred of our cities were subject to a simultaneous nuclear bombardment.

Stalin reasoned as follows:
'The First World War tore one country from capitalist slavery.
The Second World has created a socialist system.
A the third one will finish with imperialism.'
(Molotov - Chuyev, 1983)

"And what if kept in mind the coming apocalypse, the last revolution of God, the death of the Beast and the Babylon whore. Joseph is probably right in his prediction" summed up the AG -
The final victory of the worldly Antivampiria over universal evil...

* * *

'Before the first postwar session of the Supreme Council some of the marshals, it seems Wasilewski, asked him how he imagines communism?

'I think,' Stalin said, 'the initial phase or the first stage of communism will practically start when we begin to give free bread to people.'

And so, on my opinion, Voronov says:
'Comrade Stalin, how can it be, free bread? It's an impossible thing!'

Stalin brought us up to the window:
'What is there?'
'The river, comrade Stalin.'
'Is it water?'
'Yes, it is.'
'So why isn/t there a queue for water?'

You see, you have not thought of that we can have in the state the same situation with the bread too.
He walked and said:
'You know what, if there are no international complications, and I under them understand only war, I think it will come in 1960.

And we have no doubt of it. God forbid!

The country was destroyed, people lived in poverty, starving, and we had accumulated huge gold reserves. And platinum has been so much that we did not show it in the world market, fearing to devalue it' (Molotov - Chuev).

* * *

'Stalin himself did a great job with the defense enterprises, knew dozens of factory directors, Party organizers, chief engineers, met them...

The loss of Smolensk was badly received by Stalin. He was beside himself.
We, senior military officials, then experienced all brunt of Stalin's wrath.

Stalin made a great personal contribution to the victory over the Nazi Germany. His authority was very large...

He knew how to listen carefully when they reported to him with knowledge of the case.
He himself was a man of few words and did not like wordiness of others...
He spoke softly and freely, only to the point of the question.
He was laconic and formulated his thoughts clearly.

During the long years of war I became convinced that Stalin was not such a person to whom it was impossible to raise sensitive issues or argue with him, firmly defending their point of view.

Stalin during the interview made a strong impression.
Without any posturing he won over his interlocutor by ease of communication.
His free manner of speaking, natural analytical mind, great erudition and rare memory made even very sophisticated people internally to concentrate and be alert during a conversation with him.

Stalin laughed rarely, and when he laughed, he did it quietly, as if to himself.
But he understood humor and was able to appreciate wit and fun.
He usually wrote by his own hand.
He read a lot and was a widely knowledgeable person in various fields of knowledge.

Stalin's merit was in that he quickly and correctly perceived advices of military experts, supplemented and developed them and then immediately in a generalized view passed them to the troops.
Sure, he was worthy Supreme Commander.'
(Marshal G. Zhukov).

* * *

'After the Battle of Kursk it became clear that our excellent T-34 tank, which had much higher fighting qualities than tank enemies and allies, needed a more powerful gun than the 76-mm caliber.
By December 1943, V. Grabin tested and produced 85-mm tank gun with a muzzle velocity of the projectile flight of 800 meters per second.
Stalin u
rged us with a new order. He was nervous, and his nervousness passed on us too ...

In the morning, nine o'clock I got a call from the landfill and was reported that after testing one of the sites of anti-gun devices they obtained unsatisfactory results.
Therefore, the gun was considered as one that failed the test and was subject to revision.

This unpleasant fact could not be hidden from Stalin. Stalin silently listened to me and without saying anything, held on receiver.
Evening in his office the Supreme Commander, slowly pacing the room, stopped opposite me and, looking sternly, threatened me with his finger and again paed, stopped and threatened again.
Then he said:

'It's your lesson for the future.'

Dmitry Ustinov found it necessary to go to the plant and did not leave shops for days.
Under his watch on the fourth day a very complex part of the gun was ready; it was a steel cradle, which literally for dozens of hours went from drawings to casting and final changes.

In this way this gun was created.'
(Marshal of Artillery N. Yakovlev).

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