I dreamt of Stalin in a Ruined City. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 38
At the tank plant

Yulia Ivanova

I dreamt of Stalin in a Ruined City. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 38

* * *
The AG - Angel Guardian
The AD - Angel Destroyer

WITNESSES: Alexander Yakovlev, B. Vannikov, V. Molotov.

* * *

'The results and consequences of Red Army's victories went far beyond the Soviet-German front, changed all the further course of World War II and acquired great international significance.'
(J. Stalin)

'I warmly congratulate workers, engineers, technicians and other employees Yenakiyevo Steel Works 'Red October' on the successful rehabilitation and start-up of two blast furnaces.
By your exemplary work you have begun the restoration of the steel industry in Donbass and proved that the hard task of rebuilding industry and the liquidation of the consequences of the barbaric rule of the Germans can be solved in the short term.
I wish you further success in your work.
(J. Stalin, 31 December 1943).

'I congratulate the team of builders and metallurgists of Stalingrad Works 'Red October' of the Order of Lenin Steel on the successful rehabilitation and sturt-up of the blooming mill.
Your heroic work to rebuild the destroyed shops of the metallurgical factory in Stalingrad, where the Red Army won a great victory over the Nazis, is a vivid testimony to the growing power of all our rear.

I wish you further success in the restoration of all the shops and the construction of the metallurgical plant 'Red October' on its full production capacity.
(J. Stalin, April 2, 1944).

'I congratulate the builders and installers of Chelyabinsk heat and power with the end of installation of a powerful turbine of 100 thousand kilowatts, and starting in the sixth boiler.

Bu continuous increase in capacity of power plants Soviet power engineering specialists ensure smooth operation of the growing defense industry ...'
(J. Stalin, January 6, 1944).

'I congratulate male and female workers, and technical workers of the Moscow's Metrostroi of the Order of Lenin on the successful completion of construction of the third stage of the Moscow metro under difficult wartime conditions.

Metro construction in time of war has not only economic, cultural but also defensive meaning. The Party and the government highly appreciate the selfless work metro builders.'
(J. Stalin, January 21, 1944.

'One can rightly say that the selfless work of the Soviet people in the rear will go down in history along with the heroic struggle of the Red Army as an unparalleled feat of the people in defending their Homeland.'
(J. Stalin).

* * *

The aircraft designer Yakovlev witnesses:

'We were not sure that the defense of Moscow from the air is provided reliably. Concern about the fate of Moscow was in thoughts of everybody.

In his office Stalin said again:

'Maybe so be it... Who knows?'

And then repeated several times,

'People are not enough. Whom would you entrust it...

When Stalin spoke about people, Dementiev whispered to me:

'Let's ask for the Balandin.'

I nodded, and we took a pause in the conversation.

'Comrade Stalin, for over a month our Deputy People's Commissar for the Balandin engines has been arrested. We do not know what he is imprisoned for, but do not imagine that he is an enemy. He is needed in the People's Commissariat because engine-management is very relaxed.
We ask you to consider this cause, we do not doubt it.

'Yes, he has been imprisoned for forty days but gives no evidence. Maybe he is not guilty... It is very possible... such things happen,' Stalin replied.

The next day, Vasily Petrovich Balandin, being haggard and having shaven head, already assumed his office in the Commissariat, and continued to work with him as if nothing had happened.

* * *

'After less than a month after the attack of Hitler's Germany against our country an indication of Stalin in writing their views on measures to develop the production of arms in the outbreak of hostilities was given to my when I was in a prison cell...

Anyway, a note, I worked a few days, was transferred to J. V. Stalin. I saw it in his hands when they brought me to him straight from the prison. Many passages were underlined in red pencil, and it showed me that the note was read carefully. In the presence of V. M. Molotov and G. M. Malenkov, Stalin said to me,

'Your note is a wonderful document for the work of the Commissariat of weapons. We will give it for guidance to the people's commissar of armaments.

In the process of the conversation he remarked,

'You were largely right. We were wrong... And the scoundrels have slandered you...
(The Commissar of Ammunition B. Vannikov).

* * *

'Stalin experienced great pains because of our failures in Spain. His dissatisfaction tirned against those who had only recently were heroes and showered with well deserved honor.
After the final of the Spanish tragedy, when it turned out that our aircraft by its fighting qualities was inferior to German one, the Central Commitee and the government implemented a complete overhaul of the aviation industry and science. Stalin then set a fantastically short time to create a new standing in the well-date aircraft. And by will of the party fantasy come true.

The first impression of Stalin's office etched in my memory. Frankly, I was somehow disappointed: I was impressed by its exceptional simplicity and modesty.

Stalin asked a few questions. He was interested in the status and level of German, English, French aviation. I was amazed at his knowledge. He spoke as an aviation specialists. He was very interested in weapons of German planes.
The conversation lasted late into the night and finished in Stalin's apartment for supper ...

I noticed in Stalin such a feature: if things are good on the front, he was harsh and demanding, and when troubles happened, he joked, laughed and became agreeable. He understood, apparently, that when it is hard, people need support and encouragement.

With it you can argue. If you strongly believe you are right and can prove your innocence, then never rely on someone else's opinion, but act as your mind and conscience prompts you.'
(A. Yakovlev)

* * *


The psychology of a lot ot inchurched parishioners:
'I will lead a righteous life and get to heaven, but for you, those suckers, hell and eternal torment are prepared,' and they gloat about it, which is terrible, unworthy for a Christian.

Striving for the dispensation of the society in which Vampiria is impossible in principle is much closer to the Plan.

For many so called 'true believers' get a kind of vampirism under the guise of righteousness:
'I will be safe from your evil, I willingly and dutifully exposes myself to you to be eaten, tempt you by myself, as if I were gloating:
'Eat, ruin your soul, but I in the Nether World Look feast my eyes upon at your torment in hell!"

No, no, it cannot be in this God's plan, it is one more satanic substitution.

A true Christian understands his indispensability and self worth of every human life.
Each cell of monad in a single universal soul of manhood has its own unique super-task and the loss of it for eternity - a collapse of the world, a tragedy.

Not to mention the fact that desire, secret or open one, for a ruin is a grave sin. This is not 'forgiveness of our debts' but anger and revenge.

You cannot build your own salvation in the eternity on perdition on others. Awareness of this is written in the heart and is often in contradiction with the social church sermon. Anyway, with the New Testament one.
As well as intimidation of hellish torment.

The fear of God can only be a leaven which is 'the beginning of wisdom'.
And then the grace comes - the happiness of the child, who out of fear did not go without permission into the woods and are now enjoying life, looking out of the window at hungry wolves scurrying near his home...

And the fear and greed are baits of Old Testament thinking:
'All kind of requirements and instructions, and you will be saved.
Compliance with instructions, of course, is necessary, but it is only A MEANS OF SAVING the medicine, as well as fasting.
So that you fever and swelling and pain can decrease, and you can feel how great it is to be healthy, feel the joy of peace and light in the soul, peace and purity.
And a reward as a consequence.
The grace of God.

Only one WHO HATES HIS DISEASE, even if it is not recovered, is fit for the Kingdom.
And do not swallow medicines and a diet simply because of fear of unpleasant consequences of the disease.
For example, losing their jobs because of nsuitability for the occupation.

Love to recovery is the blessed inheritance of the saints who have given this new (or well-forgotten old) pristine condition.

And the other is usually worn with his illness, holyat her and cherish, even though they suffer, and fear, but ... Forbidden fruit is sweet!
Joseph got them to take medication and observe diet, and then it was an issue mystery, miracle and grace... Next was will of God.
'My sheep know my voice'.

Yes, he almost hewed out trees with poisonous fruit in his country 'to get rid flock entrusted to him of the evil one'.

A liberal democrat or a hard dictator, violating 'human rights' to eat poisonous fruits - which are more guilty before God?

The Judgment will decide it.
Anyway, Joseph never fell into the temptation to declare himself a mouthpiece or an executor of the will of God. Although, especially at the end of his reign, throughout the country churches opened and religion was actually legalized.

But there was a temptation to take things which are God's. After all, Joseph had everything and everybody work to its Antivampiria!

But he did not do it, unlike the preceding and following rulers of the country.
Contrary to some slanders, Joseph never claimed to be neither God, nor His mouthpiece.
He just played mission over, he listened and obeyed its will to save its flock.
And only God will judge him.

Joseph gave everyone a right to decide the question of God.
Party and bureaucratic career involved not renunciation of God but an instruction to keep its beliefs to themselves, a kind of 'privity'.
And it is bad only on a superficial view.

For in fights for life and death with internal and external Vampiria all the apparat had to be 'truck and water-carrier' of the revolution, to carry out dirty and bloody work, sometimes being grossly mistaken.
Joseph not once repeat that, 'The past belongs to God'.

Only for Him to judge a tree on the final fruit, but He owns the harvest.

Anyway, during the war and postwar years the attitude of Joseph to the church was not only loyal but protective. And in the layout of the second edition of his biography in 1947 Joseph made corrections.
In the phrase 'in the same year he entered Tiflis Theological Seminary', he inscribed the word 'orthodox'.

By his own hand he deleted from the text of the hymn 'We were reared by Stalin chosen by people' and inscribes 'We were reared up to loyalty to people'.
That is, not being chosen from BELOW but from ABOVE that approves one mission to save sheep and teach them the same way to be loyal to a common 'cause of the people'.
Liberation from the realm of Mammon.

Multiethnic flock of Joseph was in his obedience, he took full responsibility before the Heaven as a shepherd.
Only the priest's parish believers are inchurched parishioners, and Joseph had unbelievers or believers in different ways.
Multi-million and multi-ethnic population of the huge state, for which he took on the responsibility before heaven, protecting it from 'the evil one'.

Joseph believed that the task of the shepherd of all the forces fighting for a world order which would have been executed as the will of the Creator:

He made short work of 'vampires' by their own hands, often using in this bloody fight gleaned from the Old Testament harsh methods of struggle.
Including the worst, hideous features of the fallen human nature: greed, sensuality, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, ambition - their name is legion.

He lived with the wolves and howled like a wolf. But he never referred even the Old Testament to by assuming, again, fully responsible before Heaven.
He performed his duty.

'Do not worry about me - wrote to his mother, - I share stand ..."

* * *
Here cliffs are washed by blood of the saints.
Here, concrete panels are covered with glory,
Here the rate of immortality held sailors
In the struggle for the freedom of their homeland.

* * *

PAGES life of Joseph:

1944. The order in connection with the breakthrough of the German defenses and the release of Mga troops of the Leningrad front.
The participation in the Tenth Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
The order in connection with the completion of the operation to destroy the German forces in the Korsun-Shevchenko.

The order in connection with the release of two Ukrainian Front troops to the state border of the USSR the river of Prut. The eorders in connection with the crossing of the Dniester River and the exit of troops first Ukrainian front on the border with the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia and Romania, as well as in connection with the breakthrough of the German defense and forcing the river Prut.

The order in connection with the liberation of Sevastopol and the Crimea complete clearance from the German invaders forces the 4th Ukrainian Front.
The report on the 27th anniversary of the Great October Socialist revolution.

The conversation with the President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, V. L. Komarov on the tasks of the Academy of Sciences.
He received a delegation from Warsaw and the symbolic emblem of Poland the bronze in gratitude to the Polish people for their help in the fight against the Nazi invaders.

* * *

'Stalin had been an amazing performance... I just know it. What he needed, he thoroughly knew and followed. This is absolutely correct. He looked not at one way but at all directions.

'The more attack him, the higher Stalin rises,.
There is a struggle.
'They cannot see huge things in Stalin,' said Molotov - there is and will not be a more coherent, more than a great man after Lenin than Stalin!
Stalin carried out his crucial role. A very difficult one.'

Stalin said:
'A Mingrelian does not say that he stole a horse but that a horse took him!'

Do you dream of Stalin?

'Not often but sometimes I dream of him.
And some very unusual conditions. In a ruined city...
I cannot leave... Then I meet with him.
In a word, strange dreams, very confusing ones. "

* * *

'So, it was revealed only at the front in face of the enemy?'

'Yes, it is.'

'Do you know that only the most insidious enemy can do so. That is exactly what he would have acted. Firing at the factory suitable aircraft that they were unfit at the front!
The enemy did not cause more damage to us, would not think of anything worse.
It is the work for Hitler!

He repeated several times that the most insidious enemy could not do more harm...

It is hard to imagine our state at that moment. I felt cold. A. Dementiev was red and nervously fumbled of the ill-fated piece of skin in his hands.

Several minutes passed in dead silence. Finally, Stalin, after walking some time in meditation, quieted a little and businesslike asked:

'What will we do?'

Dementiev said that we will immediately fix all the planes.

What do you mean immediately? How long?

Dementiev thought for a moment, exchanged glances with me.

'For two weeks.'

I could not believe my ears. It seemed to me that this work would require at least two months.

The term was adopted. However, Stalin ordered the military prosecutor's office to immediately investigate the circumstances of the case.

After that, Stalin turned to me:
'And does not your self-esteem suffer? How do you feel? They mock at you, damage your car, but why are you enduring it?

When we got out of the office of Stalin, I was relieved but yet could not say it to Dementiev:

Listen, two can you do this job for two weeks?

'We will see to it but this work has to be done.' Dementiev said.
(The aircraft designer Yakovlev).

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