The Celebration with Tears in Eyes. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 41
Thrown banners of German-fascist armies

Yulia Ivanova

The Celebration with Tears in Eyes. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 41

PRESENT: The AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer)
WITNESSES: M. Lobanov, Vasilevsky. The Proceedings of the Tehran Conference. Order number 227.

* * *
'Hard times Gone and never to return, when the Red Army struggled against enemy forces near Moscow and Leningrad, Stalingrad and near Grozny.
Now our victorious troops raiding enemy's armed forces in the heart of Germany, far beyond Berlin, on the Elbe River.

In a short time Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, most, much of Austria, the capital of Austria - Vienna were freed.

The Red Army captured East Prussia at the same time, a nest of German imperialism, Pomerania, Brandenburg, and most of the main areas of the capital of Germany Berlin, Berlin, hoisted over the Banner of Victory ...

The brilliant victories of Soviet troops in the Great Patriotic War showed the power of the heroic Red Army and its high military skill.
Our Homeland during the war received a first-class regular army, which is capable of defending the great socialist achievements of our people and ensure national interests of the Soviet Union. "
(J. Stalin. The Order of Supreme Commander, May 1, 1945)

* * *

Inscriptions of the Soviet Army soldiers on the walls of the German Reichstag:

'We came with a sword in Berlin to permanently wean Germans from the sword.'

'Let these ruins for many years look like the German robbers on the heroic strength of the Red Army.'
(Tkarly, S. Eravreba, S. Goluyun)

'We dreamed to finish the beast in his lair, and finished off.'

'May 9, for the the blood of my father."

'We defended Odessa, Stalingrad, and came to Berlin!'
The pilots of the 2nd Air Division.

'Glory to the Russian people. There were Ivoshkin, Bobryshev, Gregory, Shalaev, Ledenyov, Kozmina, Sergeev, Volkov, Morshenko, Zhigoli and others.'

'Here were from Leningrad: Major Andreev, Okhrimenko, Mikhailin. We are here to ensure that Germany did not go to us.'

W were here too. Yakuti, from the Don region. From Chuvashia Konnov F. F.'

"Glory to Soviet heroes! Konst. Isaev Novosibirsk region. Siberia to Berlin.'
'To great Stalin who hoisted over the Reichstag Victory Banner, Hurray!
Saransk, Berlin, leutenant Gorokhov N.N.'

* * *

'The great day of victory over Germany. Fascist Germany, forced to its knees by the Red Army and the troops of our Allies admitted defeat and announced the unconditional surrender...

Now we can legitimately argue that this was the final day of the final defeat of Germany, a day of great victory of our people over German imperialism.

Great sacrifices we have made in the name of freedom and independence of our homeland, countless hardship and suffering were endured by our people during the war, hard work, at home and at the front, was given on the altar of the fatherland were not in vain but were crowned with complete victory over the enemy.
The age-old struggle of the Slav peoples for their existence and their independence has ended in victory over the German invaders and German tyranny.

From now on Europe will continue to develop the great banner of freedom of the peoples and peace among nations.

Three years ago Hitler publicly stated that its objective was to dismember the Soviet Union and its separation from the Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic and other regions.
He stated bluntly:
'We will destroy Russia so that it will never be able to get up.
That was three years ago.

But insane ideas of Hitler went awry; the course war blew them into ashes.
Actually, the very opposite of what the Nazis raved. Germany routed. German troops surrendered.
The Soviet Union is celebrating a victory, although it is not going to either break down or destroy Germany.

Comrades! The Great Patriotic War ended in our complete victory. The period of the war in Europe ended. A period of peaceful development began.

Congratulation on the victory you, my dear fellow countrymen and countrywomen!

Glory to our heroic Red Army and defend the independence of our homeland and win the victory over the enemy!


Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in battle with the enemy and gave his life for freedom and happiness of our people!
(Treatment of Stalin to the people of May 9, 1945).

* * *
'Stalin said that the Council for Russian Orthodox Church will be the body between the government and the Patriarchate.
Mowever, he said to Karpov,
'Pick yourself two or three assistants, who are members of your Board, create the device.
But just remember, first of all, you are not the chief procurator of the Synod, and secondly, their activity further emphasizes INDEPENDENCE CHURCH.

Referring to Molotov, Stalin said,
'It is necessary to inform people about our meeting and then inform the press on the election of the patriarch.

The meeting was finished.
Metropolitan Sergius and his bishops once again thanked the government of the USSR for the welcome and support the needs of the church, Stalin personally assured him of full support for the clergy and faithful party policy and the state, fighting a cruel aggressor.'
(M. Lobanov).

* * *

'A large operation cannot be hidden in the bag.

'It would be necessary to ensure that our staffs have thought about how to cover up these arrangements and to introduce the enemy into confusion.'

'We are in such cases, deceive the enemy by building models of tanks, planes, creating false airfields. Then, with the help of tractors give these models of tanks and planes in motion.
Intelligence to the enemy brings about these movements, and the Germans think that in this place ready to strike. At the same time where there really is preparing to attack, there is complete peace of mind.

All transportation is performed at night. We are creating in some places up to 5-8 thousand dummy tanks, up to 2 thousand aircraft models, a large number of false airfields. In addition, we are deceiving the enemy by means of radio. In areas where not supposed to attack, roll call is made between radio stations.

These stations intersect the enemy and he gives the impression that there are large formations of troops. Enemy aircraft day and night, sometimes bombard these areas, which are really quite empty.

'The truth has to protect, by falsehood. In any case, action will be taken in order to enter the enemy in confusion. "
(The Proceedings of the Tehran Conference).

* * *

In the United States an issue can be raised about the inclusion of the Baltic republics in the Soviet Union.
And I believe that public opinion considers it desirable that someday in the future in some way, it was to the peoples of these republics in this regard.

So I hope that Marshal Stalin would take this request into consideration.
I personally have no doubt that the peoples of these countries would vote for accession to the Soviet Union as well together as they did in 1940.

'Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia did not have the autonomy to the Russian Revolution. The king was then in alliance with the United States and Britain, and no one raised the question of withdrawal of these countries from Russia.
Why is this question raised now? "

* * *

From the order 227:

'The enemy throws at the front new and new forces, ignoring the heavy losses, climbs forward, grabs the new areas, destroying our cities and villages, raping, robbing and killing the Soviet population.

Some stupid people on the front console themselves by talking about what we can retreat further to the east, because we have a lot of territory, much of the land, much of the population and that the bread we will always have in abundance ... Such talk is falsehood, helpful only to our enemies.

Every commander, soldier and political officer must understand that our resources are not limitless.
The territory of the Soviet state is not a desert but people, workers, peasants and intellectuals, are our fathers, mothers, wives, brothers, children.
After the loss of Ukraine, Belarus, Donbass and other areas we have much less area, consequently, much less people, bread and metal factories.

We have lost more than 70 million people, more than 800 million tons of grain per year and more than 10 million tons of steel per year.
We already now there is no dominance over the Germans in manpower, in reserves of grain.
Retreat further is to kill themselves and ruin at the same time our country.

From this it follows that it is time to stop the retreat.
Not one step back!

We must persist until the last drop of blood to defend every position, every inch of Soviet soil, clinging to every inch of Soviet soil and to defend it as long as possible.

Can we withstand the impact, and then throw back the enemy to the west?
Yes we can, because our factories in the rear are fine, and our army is becoming more and more planes, tanks, artillery and mortars.

What are we missing?

There is no order and discipline in companies, in battalions, the regiments, the divisions, in tank units, air squadrons.
We must establish a strict order of our army and discipline, if we want to save the situation and defend our homeland.'

Instructed to withdraw his army commanders, commanders of corps and divisions, allowing troop withdrawals.
Those measures intended to apply to the commanders and commissars of the regiments and battalions of soldiers leaving for battle positions without orders. This order introduced penal battalions.

'I, like many other generals who had seen some sharp and categorical assessments of the order, but they justify a harsh and violent times.

The order we are primarily attracted to the social and moral content.
He drew the attention of the severity of truth, impartiality and talk Commissar of the Supreme Commander Stalin and Soviet soldiers, from the ordinary soldiers and ending with the commander.
Reading it, we each thought about the fact that all the forces we commend the fight.

We realized that, brutality, and the categorical requirements of the order was on behalf of the motherland and the people.
And it was important not what will be introduced penalties, though it mattered, and that it increased the sense of responsibility for the fate of the soldiers of the socialist fatherland.

Those disciplinary actions, which were introduced by order, has ceased to be indispensable, urgent need to move more troops into the Soviet counteroffensive at Stalingrad and the encirclement of German-fascist groups on the banks of the Volga.
(Marshal Vasilevsky).

* * *

'It is my deep conviction that Stalin, especially in the second half of the Great Patriotic War is the most powerful and colorful figure Strategic Command.
He successfully managed the fronts of all military efforts of the country based on the party line and was able to exert considerable influence on the governing political and military leaders of the allied countries in the war.
Working with him was interesting, yet incredibly difficult, especially in the first period of the war. He has remained in my memory, severe, strong-willed military commander, however, and not without personal charm.

Stalin was not only a great natural intelligence, but also a surprisingly great knowledge. His ability to think analytically had to watch during sessions of the Politburo of the Central Committee, State Committee for Defense and continuous operation at headquarters.
He slowly, slightly stooped, walks, listens to the speakers, sometimes asking questions, cues. And when the discussion ends, clearly formulate conclusions summarize.
His conclusions were terse, but profound in content and tend to lay the basis for decisions of the Party Central Committee, or The State Committee of Defense, as well as directives or orders of the Supreme Commander. "

'I think Stalin period of Soviet strategic offensive of the Armed Forces showed all the basic qualities of the Soviet leader.
He skillfully directed the actions of fronts.
And all the Soviet military art during the war proved strength, creative, was significantly higher than the vaunted martial arts in the West, the Nazi military school.

Stalin had a great influence on the creation of the business style of betting.
If we consider this style since the fall of 1942, it was characterized by: reliance on the collective experience in the development of operational and strategic plans, high demands, efficiency, constant communication with the troops, the precise knowledge of the situation on the fronts.

Integral part of the style of Joseph Stalin as Supreme Commander is its high demands. And it was not only harsh, that, in fact, justified, especially in war.
He never f
orgave blurring of work, inability to complete the job, let it happen, and a much needed and who did not have before any of the comments friend. "

* * *

Stalin replied,

'If so, then do not attack at once everywhere.
Put Tolbukhin on the defensive, Rob it and give all you can, Malinowsky, let him come.
Then, when the main challenges faced by Malinowsky, will be resolved, put it in defense, rob him, give the maximum possible to Tolbukhin and push him to offensive.
Here it will be proper coordination of forces between the two fronts.

I purposely leave unchanged expression, used by the Supreme, to give the reader the usual color of his speech.
As a rule He spoke exactly, sparingly and directly.'
(Marshal Vasilevsky).

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