By Stalin's Eyes a Mountain moved apart. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 45
The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Central Committee of the CPSU(B)
On a New Decline from March 1, 1949 of State Retail Prices for Consumer Goods

Yulia Ivanova

By Stalin's Eyes a Mountain moved apart. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 45

* * *
The AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).
WITNESSES: S. Allilueva, Yu. N. Smirnov, Igor Kurchatov, Osip Mandelstam.

* * *

Greetings to Moscow, the capital of our country in the day of its 800th anniversary.

The whole country is celebrating this auspicious day today. It celebrates it does not formally, but with a sense of love and respect because of the great achievements of Moscow to the country.

The merits of Moscow are not only in that it over three times the history of our country liberated it from foreign oppression from the Mongol yoke, the Polish-Lithuanian invasion and the French invasion.
Moscow has merit, above all, that it became the basis for combining disparate Russia in a unified state with a single government with unified leadership.

No country in the world can expect to maintain their independence, a serious economic and cultural growth, if it failed to get rid of feudal princes and the turmoil. Only a country, united in a single centralized state can count on the possibility of serious cultural and economic growth, the ability to assert their independence.

Moscow's historical merit is that it has been and remains the basis and initiated the creation of a centralized state in Russia.

But this does not exhaust the merits of Moscow to the country. Once at the behest of the great Lenin Moscow was once again declared the capital of our country, it has become the standard-bearer of the new Soviet era.

Moscow is now not only inspired the construction of the new Soviet economic and social orders, rule replaced the rule of capital and labor reject exploitation of man by man. Moscow is also the spokesman of the liberation movement of labor of humanity from capitalist slavery.

Moscow is now not only inspired the construction of a new Soviet democracy, which rejects any direct or indirect, the inequality of citizens, gender, races, nations, and ensuring the right to work and the right to equal pay for equal work.

Moscow is also the banner of the struggle of all working people in the world, all the oppressed races and nations for their liberation from the rule of the plutocracy and imperialism.

There is no doubt that without such a policy, Moscow could not have become the center of the organization of the Peoples' Friendship and fraternal co-operation in our multinational state.'
(J. Stalin).

* * *

'My father fell in love Russia very much and deeply, for all his life.
I do not know of any Georgian who have so forgotten their national traits, and so much love to all Russian.
Even in Siberia, Russia father fell in love for real: the people and the language and nature. He recalled the years of reference is always as if it were all fishing, hunting, walking in the taiga.
He always kept that love.'
(Sv. Alliluyeva)

* * *

'And the his father was 'urged the facts' that previously well-known person to him, it turns out bad, then place them with some sort of psychological metamorphosis.
Perhaps at heart he doubted it, and suffered, and I thought ...
But he was immune to the iron, the dogmatic logic: A saying, I must say B, and everything else.
Agreeing once that N is an enemy is already on it was necessary to recognize that this is so, then everything 'facts' were formed spontaneously only in support of this... Back again to believe that H is not an enemy but an honest man, it was impossible for him psychologically.

Past disappeared for him; this was all rigor and all the cruelty of his nature. Past; a joint, common, joint struggle for the same thing many years of friendship; all that is gone. It is a line through them and some internal and incomprehensible gesture, and the man was doomed.

'Oh, you betrayed me,' something told in his soul, a terrible devil took him in hand, 'well, I do not know you anymore!'
Old coworkers, old friends and associates might appeal to him, remembering his former attitude toward him - useless! He was already deaf to them. He could not take a step back, back to him.
Memory was gone. There was only evil interesting - but how now behaves N? Whether he acknowledges his mistakes?'
(Sv. Alliluyeva).

* * *

'... I saw my father again until August, when he returned from the Potsdam Conference.
I remember that day when I was with him, to his ordinary visitors came and told that the Americans dropped in the first atomic bomb in Japan...
All were busy with that message, and not particularly attentive father talked to me.

And I had such important, for me, news. I gave birth to a son! He was already three months and named him Joseph...
What significance might have similar stuff in a series of world events; it was just not interesting ...'
(Sv. Alliluyeva).

* * *

'Stalin was summoned by the People's Commissar of ammunition who was one of the future leaders of the nuclear industry in the USSR.
Recalling this conversation, Vannikov said,
'Stalin outlined the US policy of nuclear and then led the discussion on the organization of work on the use of nuclear energy and the atomic bomb in the USSR:
- This proposal deserves attention. In the NKVD are major construction and installation companies that have a large army of construction workers, well-qualified professionals, managers.
The NKVD also has an extensive network of local agencies, as well as a network of organizations in the rail and water transport.

But then...
Stalin thought that we should establish a special committee, which must be under the control of the Central Committee and its work should be strictly kept secret ... Committee should be given special powers.

Views on the future development of research Comrade Stalin said that one should not engage in petty jobs. And to keep them wide, with a Russian sweep, that in this respect will be given the widest possible assistance. "
(Yu. N. Smirnov).

In relation to scientists, comrade Stalin was preoccupied with the idea, as would facilitate and assist them in material and domestic situation. And in bonuses for great things, for example, the solution to our problems.
He said that our scientists are very modest, and they never notice that they live is bad; it's bad.
And although he says that our country and suffered greatly, but it is always possible to ensure that several thousand people lived in the fame, had his summer residence, so that people could relax, that was a machine.'
(Igor Kurchatov. 1946).

* * *

'A huge procession stretched over poor roads then...
We stayed in the cities, spent the night at the secretaries of regional committees, district committees.

Father wanted to see with his own eyes how people live - and all around was the post-war devastation ... He was nervous, seeing that people still live in mud huts that the terms still in ruins.'
(Sv. Alliluyeva).

* * *

'... Even Stalin, Molotov and Voroshilov even three singing!
All three singers were in the church. Stalin and Voroshilov, and me. In various places, of course.
Stalin in Tbilisi, in Lugansk, I im in my Nolinsk. It was not when we were in the Politburo, but much earlier.
Stalin sang not bad.

'In The Political Bureau also need to sing, when Zhdanov was playing the piano, and you sang at the table...'

'Piano, when a little drink.'
Voroshilov was singing. He had a good ear.
Here are three of us sang. 'Let my prayer be fulfilled...' and so on. It was very good music, singing, church...'

* * *

'The currency reform in 1947 designed to eliminate the consequences of World War II in the circulation of money, to restore full Soviet ruble and facilitate the transition to trading on a single price with no cards.

Monetary reform will strengthen the value of money in the economy, increase real wages of workers and employees and increase the value of cash income of rural population.

Currency reform would raise the level of material welfare, restoration and development of national economy and further enhance the power of the Soviet state. "
(The Chairman of the Council of Ministers J. Stalin.1947).

* * *

'I congratulate the builders, installers and operators of the Saratov-Moscow gas pipeline from the production victory - the completion of construction and development of the country's first long-distance gas pipeline.'
(J. Stalin).

'I welcome and congratulate the builders and plumbers" Zaporzhstroy 'and metallurgists of 'Zaporozhsta'l with a large manufacturing victory - the revival of the first stage was destroyed by German fascist invaders plant 'Zaporozhstal' and the release of cold-rolled steel sheet.'
(J. Stalin).

'I congratulate the builders, plumbers of 'Voenmorstroy' number 10 and the refinery 'Rostselmash' with a big victory for the production - the end of the first stage of reconstruction of the destroyed German fascist invaders in the country's largest agricultural machinery factory 'Rostselmash' and development of production of new types of harvesters 'Stalinets-6'.
(J. Stalin)

'I congratulate the team of builders and fitters of Dneprostroy' to the achieved victory - putting into operation of the fourth unit is a powerful Dnieper hydroelectric station, manufactured by Soviet plants.'
(J, Stalin)

* * *

...Neither I, nor the other are his native people -
People-Homer will treble itspraise.

The artist, take care and guard fighter:
Forest humanity behind him singing, thickening,
The very future is wise man's squad
And listening to him more and more, all the more boldly.

He hung from the podium, as the mountain
In the bumps heads. The debtor is stronger claim.
Powerful eyes resolutely good,
Thick eyebrow someone shines near ...

By Stalin's eyes a mountain parted
And squinted into the distance plain
As a sea without a wrinkle, as of yesterday, tomorrow
Before from a furrow of the sun, from a plow of a giant.

(Osip Mandelstam).

* * *


The Great Tree of the GOD-HUMANITY with origins in the roots of the eternity of the divine is powered by the life-giving source.
Vineyard, the vine, the Gospel image.
Many roots are dried or cut, the tree is heavily hurt.
Every autumn its old leaves die to fertilize the soil and give birth to new, young leaves...
But everything that 'soweth to life' is eternal.

It is the will and grace Gardener's wine-grower. For a tree in the kingdom is eternal, and its leaves are always young and green.

But here on earth many leaves convinced that the tree exists for them; both branches and other leaves.
So it is according to the Plan. However, provided that each sheet will be perfectly obedient to the will of the Creator and to perform its function, receiving from the tree as much food as they need for ministry.
And do not draw out over the extra juices from the leaves and the other the whole.
The award is immeasurable and priceless; it is Life.

Forgetting about chopped dry roots of the relationship with the Creator of Heaven and his Fatherland, a dying tree and rejected the Son Lord, and Giver of Life water it by the great mercy.
Being crucified, tortured, He conquered death of his love and was again rescued, not knowing of evil.

But the forces of darkness incited to drive him away.
Suggesting that increased tree itself, it does not need it either in roots or in the gardener, or to care for a loving son.
That it is free and grows as he wants.
Moreover, each branch (nations) each sheet (an individual) is also free and from the tree, and from each other.
And what's to be able to and from other branches, leaves, and from the Whole to snatch as many vital juices...

Bad this 'freedom', leading eventually to the death of the tree, the forces of darkness have declared 'God-given', and called 'democracy'.

In fact, they proclaimed the foundation of modern civilization, the right to eat anything that cannot defend themselves. Drink blood from near and far, near the Whole, thereby ruining other tree and himself.

Yes, each leaf, each branch is given the freedom to assert themselves outside of the tree. That is, dry up and be burned as useless. Because there is no outside of Whole Life.
When humans understand this?

After all, the Creator has placed around textbooks, showing that even at the biological level outside of of the Whole there is death.
That is the idea coming from the Trinity consubstantial and Indivisible.

Such is the growing tree of heaven to the Incarnation, where every leaf, every branch - its purpose.
To serve, receiving a reward life.
Personal time to transform into eternity. Life time into eternal one.

Christ willingly gave himself over to the executioners, so that redeemed man divine his blood, to save, deify, to atone for the sins of "the world lying in evil."

And to conquer death.

Win a death, those who substitutes a vampire his neck and neck near and far? Does not the fruit of evil - and ruining drinking blood, and their sacrifices, because vampirism is contagious?

'Resist not evil things,' says the Lord, but not evil itself.
That is your personal abuser forgive offenders rather than the other...

It is impossible to imagine a Christian, do not stand up for the weak, not to protect. But you can - forgiving personal offense, not giving the date in response to a strike, no avenger.

The whole system is based on Vampires STRONG LAW to offend others, weaker ones. The whole system of capitalist competition, which Joseph had rejected.

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