The Evil Empire. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 47
During the siege of Leningrad the only way of suppling the city and the Leningrad front
was a military road, built over ice of Dadozhskoye lake.
It was created in 1941 at the initiative of Comrade Stalin.

Yulia Ivanova

The Evil Empire. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 47

* * *
Present: the AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).

M. Lobanov, G. Dimitorov, M. Djilas, V. Molotov.

* * *

'During November and December 1952 the Commission prepared a draft decree of the CPSU Central Committee" On the Main Intelligence Directorate of the MGB.'

In preparation for this project at a meeting of the Commission, Stalin made the following comments about intelligence,

'The exploration will never work in such a way as to direct the attack on the forehead. Intelligence service must act crawl. Otherwise there will be failures, and severe failures. Going to the forehead is short-sighted tactics.

Never recruit a foreigner in such a way as to have been infringed upon his patriotic feelings.
No need to recruit a foreigner against his country. If the agent is recruited to the infringement of patriotism is an unreliable agent.

Completely get rid of the stencil intelligence. All the time to change tactics, techniques. All the time to adjust to a peaceful environment.
Use the world situation. Conduct an attack maneuver, reasonable.
Use what God gives us.

Most importantly, the intelligence learned to recognize their mistakes. The man first acknowledges his failures and mistakes, and then recovering.

Take, where low, where the poorly guarded.

Correct the intelligence service with eradicating the frontal attack.

Our main enemy is America.
But our main blow should be done not actually in America.

Illegal residency must be created primarily in the border states.

The first base, where you have your people - West Germany.

You cannot be naive in politics, but especially not to be naive in intelligence.

Agent cannot give such orders, to which he is not prepared to disrupt it morally.

In the intelligence necessary to have agents with great cultural experience - the professors / an example, when the time of the underground man was sent to France to deal with the situation in the Menshevik organization, and he alone has done more than a dozen other /.

Intelligence service is a holy and perfect work for us.

It is necessary to acquire credibility.
In the exploration should be a few hundred people - friends (it is more than agents) willing to perform any task.

Communists, obliquely looking for exploration work on the Cheka, fearing dirty, need to throw his head into the well.

Agents have not zamuhryshek and friends - the highest grade of intelligence.

Agent office, in my opinion, should be divided in different offices
(The witness by M. Lobanov)

* * *

Dimitrov witnesses:

'When the Germans were at Moscow, it was the general uncertainty and confusion. Part of the central Party and government agencies, as well as diplomatic corps moved to Kuibyshev. But Stalin remained in Moscow.

I was with him then in the Kremlin and the Kremlin took out the archives.
I suggested to Stalin that the Comintern issued a statement to the German soldiers. He agreed, though he considered that the benefits of this will not happen.

Soon I had to leave Moscow. Stalin was and decided to defend her. In these tragic days, he took an anniversary of the October Revolution Parade in Red Square: Division by leaving it to the front.

It is difficult to express the great moral influence on the Soviet people, when they learned that Stalin in Moscow, and heard it from his words - it regained confidence, inspire confidence in themselves and worth more than a good army.'

* * *

'... Stalin immediately went to the Relations with the Royal Yugoslav government in exile asked Molotov:

And we have not been able to somehow dupe the British, that they recognize Tito who was the only one who actually fights against the Germans?

Molotov smiled and in his smile there was ironic and self-righteousness:

'No, this is not possible, they are fully versed in the relations created in Yugoslavia.'

I brought this in ecstasy nude direct approach, which I have not seen in the Soviet institutions, and even more so in Soviet propaganda.
I felt myself in their place, more than that - next to a man who belongs to reality, just as I do, not masking it.
There is no need, of course, to explain that Stalin was so only among his own people, that is among the loyal and supportive of his line Communists.

... When I mentioned the loan of two hundred thousand dollars, he said that it is a trifle, and that it will do little, but that this amount be awarded to us immediately.
And in my observation that we will return the loan and pay for the delivery of arms and other material after the liberation, he was genuinely angry.

'You are insulting me. You will shed blood, and I - to take money for weapons!
I am not a trader, we are not traders.
You are fighting for the same thing as us, and we must share with you what we have.

... Then Stalin invited us for dinner. But we stayed in the lobby in front of a world map on which the Soviet Union was marked in red, and therefore stood out and seemed more than usual.
Stalin had a hand in the Soviet Union and said, continuing his remarks about the British and the Americans:

'They never come to terms with the fact that this space was red, never, never!'
(M. Djilas).

'... Stalin outlined his views on an important feature of the war going.

'In this war, not as in the past. Who occupies, implants wherever it comes an army of its social system. It could not be.'

He had no detailed reasoning set forth the essence of his Pan-Slavic policy:

'If the Slavs will be united and show solidarity - no one in the future, will not lift a finger. Won't lift a finger! He repeated, sharply cutting the air with the index finger.

Someone suggested that the Germans did not recover within the next fifty years. But Stalin had a different opinion:

'No, they will recover, and very soon.'
This is a highly industrialized country with a very qualified and many working class and technical intelligentsia through the years, twelve or fifteen, they will again be on their feet.

And to the unity of the Slavs. And anyway, if Slavs are one, no one will lift a finger.

At one point he stood up, pulled the pants, as if preparing to fight, or a fist fight, and almost in ecstasy exclaimed:

'The war will end soon, in fifteen or twenty years we have recovered, and then - again!'

Something terrible was in his words: terrible war was still going on.
But impressed by his confidence in choosing the direction in which to go, the consciousness of an inevitable future, which will a world where he lives, and the movement he leads.

* * *

... it's time to talk about and respect for Stalin's revolution, and, consequently, to the revolution of the Yugoslavia.

Due to the fact that Moscow - often in the most decisive moments - refused to support Chinese, Spanish, and much of the Yugoslav revolution, not without reason, the prevailing view that Stalin was not at all against the revolution.

Meanwhile, it's not entirely true.
He was against the revolution only in so far as it went beyond the interests of the Soviet state.
He instinctively felt that the creation of revolutionary centers outside Moscow could threaten its monopoly position in world communism, and that actually happened.

Therefore, he supported the revolution only to a certain point, as long as he could control them. Always ready to throw them in the lurch when they slipped out of his hands...'
(M. Djilas).

* * *


1948. Participation in the joint meeting of the Council of the Union and the Council of Nationalities of the 4th session of the Supreme Council.
The signing of a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Soviet Union and the Romanian People's Republic.
The signing of a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Soviet Union and the Hungarian People's Republic.
The Inaugural Meeting of the 30th anniversary of the Soviet Army.
The signing of a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance with the Bulgarian People's Republic.
The signing of a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Soviet Union and the Republic of Finland. With reference to the importance of the Soviet-Finnish treaty.

His response to an open letter to Mr. Wallace. Acceptance of the U.S., France and Britain on the situation in Berlin.

His answers to questions from 'Truth' about the international situation.

* * *

'I said that's what I've read your note, I see that you are a person who does not want to help the Soviet government, and works against the Soviets.
I am with you any more interviews to conduct I will not, either because you refuse to apply to foreign correspondents - and she also addressed the Turkish Embassy - or I'm with you I do not want to deal with.
He kicked her. And the more she did not appear.

She lost her faith, that's what I mean! Do not trust people. Everywhere you looked, no confusion.
She appealed to local authorities. In her note, going to a meeting of representatives of ministries in Ryazan Oblast Executive Committee and of the people they were.
Apparently, something done, but nothing substantial.

She is an example of the fact that people are losing faith.

We started talking about the events in Czechoslovakia, their causes, the plight of the economy.

'I think, as we would have such was not,' said Molotov - because we are in deep economic hole.
Out of it is no price increase. I think we need to change social attitudes. Start with the maximum for the Communists. This will have enormous moral and material value to the country.

The fact is that still prevail even Khrushchevites the Central Committee.
After Stalin's death, we lived on reserves, made under Stalin.

'For Stalin!' said Molotov and banged on the glass plate, - For no one would have made, could not stand the fact that he made on his shoulders.
No nerves, no effort, no one would be enough!'

* * *


'Evil Empire' ... 'Prison of Nations' ... 'Godless society'...

All this is the usual lies and satanic substitute for, I repeat, cannot the kingdom of darkness to bring forth good fruit, otherwise it will collapse.

The church has no right to force save the hair and saves only "their".
Those who believe strictly as orders given denomination, or voluntarily comes to the church for help.
Caesar also must not only save a drowning every citizen regardless of faith, but do not let him climb in a storm at sea, take swimming safe places, a special bathing for children and women.

In general, the smaller the number of years of utopshih of Caesar, so pleasing to the Creator such Caesar, wishing to "all be saved and to come into the mind of Truth."

Caesar task is to establish the most suitable to cross the sea of life order. Temptations, falls, injuries and the associated clearing condition is sometimes cathartic - not a matter of Caesar.

Pleasing to God allows the state to reconcile with the gods and Caesar did not give both the prince of darkness.

World revolution can implement and carry out in the end the Lord;
Caesar also strive to 'undo the darkness' in the universal scale: a utopia, hubris, if not 'madness'.

For the forced 'the salvation of all' is contrary to God's design for freedom of choice and Chosen, to separate the "sheep from the goats" at the end of time ...

Soviet Antivampiria lasted seventy years, and it's already a miracle associated with the mission of Joseph and the cleansing of God's fisheries Russia and the Orthodox faith against hypocrisy:

'Nigh unto me with their lips these men and honor me with the language but their heart is far from me;

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. "
(Matthew 15:8, 9).

'... He began to speak first to his disciples: beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.'

Rejecting the World Trotskyist ideas of the revolution and became a great statesman of Antivampiria, Joseph demonstrated conscious or unconscious understanding of the Plan and obedience to him.

What mortal cannot be above God, and declare himself the savior of the world by defeating the devil on earth until the end of time.
You can only protect him from his custody, Sky subjects by creating Antivampirii respectively commandment of the Creator:

'Come out of her, my people ...'

Darkness cannot be eliminated, it happened the Lord in the end times - but it can resist!
Possible and necessary.
Pointers 'true rate', the Gospel precepts, compliance plan, the spiritual and moral censorship.
Protection from false shepherds and 'blind leaders' the law of the Sky 'All for One, One for All'...

And so it shoul
d pass the darkness of 'the world lying in evil' Led by the pastor, if he is the Creator. Openly or secretly.

Joseph Caesar, pastor of a huge multi-national state as such and will appear before the Court.

He made the children of God to serve his personal ambitions?
Or these ambitions have been directed to ensure that, having received authority to use it, and all his life until his last breath to save his people?
Not only for earthly Jerusalem, but in heaven?

Pleasing to God the state must ensure that every opportunity for his son, the disclosure of its intention and the Image of the Creator in order to save his father's house united kingdom love to come.

For the meaning of the Incarnation of history - the return of the tortured suffering in exile of the Prodigal Son, forgiven, and resurrected love of the Creator, the Father's House.

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