Let Ignatius Decide for Himself. Joanna's Page 45

Yulia Ivanova

Let Ignatius Decide for Himself. Joanna's Page 45

In the picture the philosophers are portrayed: Fathers Paul Florensky and Sergius Bulgakov

* * *
Father Cyprian with his hippie pigtail beneath, denim cap, a threadbare jacket and a student with the same worn briefcase on her lap, which he never for a moment let go of the hands...
Because it was there were magical objects that make inconspicuous student mysteriously powerful mediator between heaven and earth...

Joanna so many times picked up actors in he zhiguli car, was struck by a significant difference - Father Cyprian and in his vestment of 'a college boy' remained 'father Cyprian'."
He always kept distance.

As she tried to talk him nor on secular subjects, and finally feel safe, he thought he was aware of the latest movies, plays and even behind the scenes turmoil, what with amazement convinced Joanna kept in touch with the conversation so politely aloof smile, that Joanna felt herself suddenly bore the death of the so-called 'Soviet bohemia'.
And she gave up.

After that, Father Cyprian instantly caught initiative, and she had to tell his biography, especially on links with the so-called "power ministries".
Where, as honestly Joanna, it provided material for the film, consulted and have endorsed.

But the dissident it had never been, because the Soviet authorities own, though kindergarten is a symbiosis with the madhouse, her, Joanna, in general, arranged.
This was the notional game where you simply play the game, and then you will have a minimum required standard.
And oddly enough, freedom.

'Yes, yes,' father Cyprian accordingly nodded 'This power gives the bread and protects a person from their own evil passions.
Our church has often been accused of loyalty to the atheist regime, but...
God's things are to God Caesar's to Caesar. Power does not require us to renounce the creed and the canons of the church, as for other things...

Our lives, according to the Apostle Paul, the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. The body is looking for pleasures, his eyes for the possession, the pride of rising above all.
In the West' father Cyprian waved his hand on bringing a car window near Moscow birch there the cult of the self.
The cult of human passions, their complete freedom. The outburst of everything that leads away from God, the commandments.

Our power is somehow helps to keep people in line.
Close by are the spiritual ascent of unity. Most need a whip to avoid getting lost in the wilds of sin.
It's sad, but true.

'And still professes atheism power, and you acknowledge it here, but fear. And I'm afraid you have hard conspirac...'

'Before It used to be worse. I'm about twenties to thirties not saying during the Khrushchev out how closed churches!'
But do not be afraid of persecution; they forged the saints, and only served to strengthen faith. Need to be afraid of, oddly enough, secularization of the church.
And when the temple forcibly dragged.

The Lord said, 'My sheep know my voice.'
And if a person does not hear the voice of his Creator, and God is calling everyone you know, pot, imagines himself above the potter?

We are in force only to help those who want to go, who comes to us. And as far as possible to protect them from trouble at work, for example, the institute...

Although the greatest honor of a Christian to be persecuted for their faith. Christianity especially the cross, it is not an easy life it promises.

A power ... What power? Our job is to profess the truth. Without Calvary there would be no resurrection.

We are hiding but the demons are looking for us.

'And here is the game...'

'At stake is not just life and destiny in eternity.
From the sublime to the ridiculous, as you know, there is one step.
They did, the authorities are well aware of our community. They simply require that we 'do not protrude'.

No work among the masses, no preaching, especially in religious literature.
That is no missionary, enlightenment and reason giving. She, you know, dignity.
They have long lists of words, we do for them - hopeless fanatics crazy. But the strangers...

You are a stranger for them. Especially, with the gift of speech, with the release of the air, to the masses...

'And if I'm not a stranger? asked Joanna. 'What if I came too 'the voice'?
And she perplexed of that said, recalling the recent mysterious coincidence.

Is it only Ignatius who took her into Luzhino?

'Many are called but few are chosen.
St. Mary of Egypt was a prostitute. She sat down on the ship, to tempt the Christian pilgrims. H when the Lord called her, she threw everything to the end of his days living in the desert...

'I ran away,' thought Joanna, 'Yes, it is an escape. With all that, first filled life, was the essence, and has now become just a hateful role that should have been inevitable from time to time to lose.
Come, it's always been a role, but at first exciting, new to ... But never was the essence.

And only if she fled to Ignatius?

Apparently, father Cyprian thought the same thing.

'Address the need father Boris. Ignatius in his obedience, even it for him to decide.
He is responsible for it before God, if something happens...'

'And you are afraid for them, for your spiritual children, right? Forgive me, for God's sake, probably because it is impossible, I cannot speak with priests...

'Never mind, Joanna. Yes, we are weak, and the enemy is strong.'

'I swear on me no one will ever know.'

'Do not swear, Joanna.'
'I believe you have the best intentions. But again, the enemy is strong...
A power... It also can be understood. We have a multinational state, there are Muslims, Buddhists, Uniates, Catholics, Jews, sectarians of all sorts, even pagans.
Is it right to make public a particular religion?

Materialism, incidentally, is also faith. We believe that every building, much less the universe must be a builder.
But they believe that the bricks themselves have built.'

'And yet you, the Church, loyal to the tops ... Because all authority comes from God?

'Yes, within the non-interference in the foundations of faith. 'I do not give Caesar the Gods'.

Nothing earthly cannot deny the soul to believe otherwise, it would be a blasphemy against God - as if Caesar stronger.
We will not blame the shepherd, who kept the herd for his lord, but for the fact that the shepherd was dark or not too fond of his lord?

The people yelling 'Crucify Him!' Except for some diehard Satanists just a dark flock. Hop turns his head, amused, but then comes the inevitable hangover.
Greedy Shepherds, dark herd, but clouds are gathering evil...'

a house built on sand will not stand,' prophetically uttered Father Cyprian, and its fall will be great.
Have mercy, Lord, on Russia...'

But competition is fundamentally contrary to the commandments of the second Christian love of neighbor.
If you love your neighbor as yourself, how can you destroy it?
Even just a beat... And do not give the shirt, as required by the commandment?

Here I will tell you a parable. Two monks pondered as people quarrel over property?
We took a brick and steel to each other to pull. One says:
'It is my brick.'
The other answers:
'It is yours, brother, yours...'

As for the state's role in our understanding, it does not, at least, to sow weeds. Weeds and so they grow up.

* * *

'Let Ignatius decide for himself,' said father Boris from the St. Lavra.

So, they were granted freedom.

After a quick goodbye to aunt Lyuba and Any Ilichevka, where it will settle the doctor tooth familiar to the delight of the mistress that ever tormented a toothache, Joanna will take with them only what is needed.
Including stuck somewhere on the eighth page of the next series of 'black mark' and rolled up tube 'Joanna', lay on the bottom of the suitcase before returning to Moscow.

For all of Joanna still lived in Ilichevka. In which case the doctor should immediately call the Varya.

But fate smiled Joanna. Denis was still busy in the picture business and household duties, she basically had time to carry out, friends, it was not.
And nobody really miss it in the forty days.

Cooling down to Ilichevka, it can easily and happily bye to her as a farewell to the marina, from which leaves at country beyond your ship.

And she will be granted to the Lord and liberal father, Boris magical forty-seven days of Luzhino's summer.

She finds that fortunately can be used.
What can be waiting for a walk with Ignatius hand in hand before going to sleep (in all weathers, sometimes just on the highway under a huge black umbrella Paris) which can be quite successful writing life and the extraordinary adventures of Superman Soviet captain Pavel Kolchugin when viewed from the war 'underground' as a work of God.

And it was as if Pavel moved to Luzhino too. He lived his life, a man spiritually perfected, could not help absorbing the beneficial Luzhino's aura.

What can weed beds and help in the kitchen, talking to Yegor. Or just listen to him and not his arguments and reasoning in perpetuity, but it is for her new subjects, unwitting listener that she had come all the time.
Because outdoor gazebo where you would normally collected Luzhino's inhabitants escaping from the rain, was just below her balcony.

Its floor was the ceiling, fragrantly-moon waterfall goat's-leaves and grapes, a common wall.
And when her attic in the afternoon heated up, Joanna, on the balcony of a round wicker table, a pen was broadcast on the new world Kolchugin's exploits.
His physically and ideologically hardened spiritually bulletproof superbody overcame 'the space and scope', a cruel wrong side of reality. And he, Kravchenko, again belonged to her, her talent and imagination.

And that usually excited, now left absolutely deadpan. If not then it was insane, as if her body is now itself subject only to reasonable voices need to weed, to help in the kitchen, to write another series.

It is mechanically carry out the necessary functions, continuing, bursting out of itself, to go hand in hand with Ignatius Luzhino's on the forest, where blazed on the trunks of the sunset-fire red glare and the spirit of Alma burned his feet wet with dew.

Biting by habit earpiece, which she has recently been prescribed for the work of Joanna plunged into a strange mix of exciting Kolchugin's feats, his deadly battle with Denis' underground...
Where everyone is a potential criminal and a murderer, which run, shoot and 'die for metal' shovels and artificial microcosm, desperately trying to keep bad human passions.

And touchingly naive, but still a great loner hero Pavel Kolchugin, successor of 'hopeless cases' of the twentieth Pavel, who selflessly defended the 'shovels' ideals, which is proving to be Christian values.
What is gradually becoming more convinced of Joanna, involuntarily listening to a conversation on the eternal themes of the bottom, under a waterfall and goat's-leaves and grapes.

'Man to man is a friend, a comrade and a brother', pure contempt for the riches of the New Testament (the greatest among you shall be your servant) where and when frantically seeking God lose Him, throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Why now, in the early eighties, when very few people really perceive 'the world permanent revolution' as a topical slogan, dissidents attacked the communist ideals?

The society was 'beautifully rotting'.
It is now becoming clearer that the 'stone the builders rejected, which stands at the forefront'.
That should focus on inner transformation of man, when the religious and moral quest for a higher meaning of life is crucial.

'We will sing and laugh like children.'

Children grew up, grown old to death. Send to oblivion and the leaders whose portraits were placed on the cover of primers, where was to be Rublev's icon of the Saviour.

The society formally going, like, on the way of Christian ethics stifled; it needed the air out of the sky.
And a small Orthodox community like some hardened criminals, fainting at the sight of a police car, secretly sneaks to Luzhino's country, to purify the soul by confession, to give a total cash savings of the past for good works, religious literature.
Or in the shade under the balcony to talk to Joanna undertone eternal themes...

With what pleasure Joanna absorbed in Luzhino almost blind Copiers and typings! Hamsters, V. Soloviev, Bulgakov, Ilyin, Trubetskoy, Florovsky...

It was the Russian religious renaissance of the late 19th - early 20th, but Ignatius said that there are many mind games and just heresy, that should read the Fathers, where everything is about the same, but much simpler and closer to the truth.

But Joanna, willingly accepting the fact of the corruption of his mind, still reveled in religious philosophy.
Grieving at the same time, how degraded our so-called intellectual elite in her face, unsuccessfully sought transfer to the bottom of the page on this or that passage in Greek, Latin or French, which is the elite memorize back in high school.

With smoking or stress from the brain attempts to wade through the formula genius father Pavel Florensky.

It was shameful the dense.

Hers and Denis' goody, romantic soviet superman and fearless fighter against evil, the receiver of a martyr since the citizen Pavel Korchagin; they both had an undoubted elusive link...
And snatches of conversation on the eternal themes, involuntarily overheard her on Luzhino's balcony and stunning pages avidly read books at night ...

This Luzhino series has turned its one of the most successful, although it caused some confusion among the authorities.
Kolchugin started thinking about life and death, good and evil, freedom and necessity. Meditate with invisible companions under her balcony with her, Joanna breaks the brains of the quest of his father Paul.

And Ignatius with his desperate daring impulse to convey on canvas the light of Tabor.

Kolchugin changed and Joanna changed too.
At first she tried to live alone, cook eggs in the morning the usual...
But Varya, youngest daughter of Varya-senior, caught her doing this, she exclaimed with horror, so sincere, 'Aunt Joanna, eggs cannot be eaten in the fast' that I had to surrender and then humbly ask Varya-senior. connect it to a common meal.

Warya liked it. Varya generally took care of her, except, apparently, that Heaven itself has instructed her to Joanna, which should be as soon as possible to educate, and make a church member a full member of the community.
Joanna enlightened, you can provide, avidly.
And in the church went to a local with them. Never sat down, tormented, long life, did not really understand, and feeling like a stranger.
'I feel at ease to see how others are praying; this is a peek into other people's windows,' she complained to Varya.
'No person look, you come to God. Look at the candle, which burns. This is your life, we must hurry. You are conscious of guilty before God?'

She felt guilty.
She remembered all their evil deeds from early childhood, including dark thoughts, which once was terrified, and quite frankly was a very negative opinion about the state of his soul.
Just thought that heaven is not up to some kind of Joanna Sineginoy, its secret and open sins.

Varya strongly urged her to return.
That'God became man so that we deify' that overcome the darkness and its place in the Thought of God to decide their destiny in eternity.
That when the body does not feel pain is a sign of withering away.
So also the soul of sin, not aware of the dangers of his condition, close to spiritual death.

That the only remedy is the humble confession and communion, all the talk about what can be saved outside the church is nonsense. It's like trying to swim across a raging sea in isolation.

And the church is a ship.
Here congregational prayer: all for one and one for all, and the sacraments, of which the main thing is the communion. Where the form of bread and wine we receive a body and blood of Christ, the very blood that He shed for us...
What is it a great sacrifice, connecting with God.
That God became man, 'so that we deify', took on our sins, redeemed us by his blood, and commanded:
'Take, eat, this is the My Blood of the New Testament'...

Of course, this seems to be the bread and wine...
But ordinary bread and wine in our body are converted into ordinary blood, and communion into the blood of the divine that connects us with God, giving strength to fight the forces of darkness and his own sinful nature.
The breakthrough in the immortality of God ...
That reject the sacrament of Christ and reject salvation, for it is written:
I 'm a Door.

That is, give me my sins, their sores, and I will save you...

Joanna did not reject the Church. is. Just to recall the frequent skirmishes in the bazaar temples, feisty old ladies.

'Do not partakers sin?' she asked.
And Varya replied that sin, of course.
Only one, confessing their sins, using the invaluable gift of God to take away our sores, are exempt from them, while others reject this gift madly.

Die in darkness, and rejected by Heaven, where nothing dark will not be included.

A church is a clinic, there come the patients treated.
The enemy attacks there even angrier than in the world, not wanting to release the soul, even in the monasteries there happens feud.
And Joanna promised, if she begins the Christian life, meeting with the most fiery temptations.

As for the 'furious old women' who have yet to Vladimir Solovyov called 'orthodox witches', the Varya said in their ferocity is a positive side - they may keep the temples in the days when there are many atheists, hooligan youth defilers shrine...

It is they, these feisty old woman, when in the twenties thirtieth when power claimed that the Church has died and the people no longer needed, the people there do not go; it was they stubbornly who filled churches, did not allow them to close.
While intellectuals have betrayed the Church.

And all these old
women have to forgive, we must worship him in the leg...
Although, of course, she Varya, agrees that these dough especially fierce pounce on to beginners and young people - was not so, is not wearing...
What cunning use them to drive off from the church to beginners...

For this Warya's 'evil one' as well as for other members of the community, was very real, tangible, which they not only fear but also a lively discussion of his intrigues, almost with pleasure.

Ignatius gave this strange an explanation. They subconsciously enjoyed yet another proof of God's existence.
For if the evil one exists, then God exists too; the enemy attacks, but the Lord protects and rescues.

This continuous state of internal war, the church language of 'spiritual warfare', which is evidence that the path chosen by God, bearing the cross.

For the Lord, 'whom he loves, them he punishes'.
And in the stillness and contentment usually live only those who believed their enemy and not touch them.

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