The Conflict between Two Ideologies. Joseph and Adolph. Threshold 50
The mass meeting of solidarity with the Soviet Union. 1943

Yulia Ivanova

The Conflict between Two Ideologies. Joseph and Adolph. Threshold 50

* * *
Present: the AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).
Witnesses: Isaac Deutscher, F. Kiunyants, Alan Bullock, A. Hitler, Everhard Iakel, Guderian, Von Tippelskirch, an unknown officer.

* * *

'He had a special, almost intuitive insight into the psychology of the backward elements of Russian life...
With mistrust and suspicion, he referred not only to the oppressors: the landlords, capitalists, priests and gendarmes, but also to the oppressed, thus the workers and peasants in whose defense he stood up.

In his interpretation of socialism there was no sense of guilt.
There is no doubt that Stalin felt some sympathy for the share class to which he belonged, and. However, the hatred of those in power and wealthy classes had been in it much stronger.
Class hatred preached by the revolutionaries of the upper classes, was to them a sense of defining and derived from their theoretical views.

The class hatred of Stalin was not in his secondary, namely the basic sense.
The doctrine of socialism by and attracted to, that it would seem, gave a moral right to express themselves.
In his vision was not a grain of sentimentality.
His socialism was cold sober and tough.'
(Isaac Deutscher).

* * *

'It was already time to start, but Koba did not appear.
He always came last of all, not that late, but has always been one of the last...
On his arrival the atmosphere abruptly changed. Became not so much a business as oppressive.
Koba arose from the clamped under his arm mutilated his left hand a book and sit down somewhere on the edge or corner. He listened in silence, while all will vote.
Sam has always been the last. After waiting, he could thus compare the views of colleagues, to weigh their arguments ... and to submit his statement as the final chord, as if summing up the discussion.
And because everything he said, they acquire a special meaning.'
(F. Knuniants).

* * *

'According to Hitler, the Germans were superior beings, the highest, compared with the peoples of Eastern Europe. A gulf that separated them from the Slavs, and even more from the Jews, was based not on cultural or historical features, and the innate biological differences.

They were creatures of another kind, are not members of the human race, as inferior beings, it came to the Slavs. And parasites that rob and destroy human beings, against the Jews.

Since 1933 these views were scientific visibility and taught as a course of racial biology in German schools and universities.
Many young people who served on the Eastern Front, were influenced by these views.
First used in Poland, the racist ideology was to the Germans a guide to action in the conduct of military operations and the implementation of the occupation.

For this Hitler insisted that both the army and the SS considered 'the forthcoming company not as a mere military conflict, as well as a conflict between two ideologies'.
He repeated the same idea in a meeting with senior officers on 30 March.

Halder writes about his conversion,

'The clash of two ideologies... Communism is a great danger to itself for our future.
We must forget about the partnership between the soldiers.
A communist is not a friend, both before and after the battle.
This is a war of extermination... We are at war not to spare the enemy.'

The so-called 'commissar order' dated May 13 Hitler demanded the destruction of the army of the Soviet leadership.
And it needs to be killed on the spot all the captured party functionaries and commissars.'
(Alan Bullock).

* * *

'Do not be surprised, son of darkness, that I wound the history a bit.
This is especially for those who equated fascism and communism, between Joseph and Adolf...
We will fill a little 'blackouts' of these gentlemen.

* * *

'But Britain and France rejected the policy of collective security, collective resistance and occupied a position of neutrality... A hands-off policy means acquiescence, appeasement of aggression, indulgence for the war.

This is a dangerous game, which is equivalent to dive all the warring parties in the quagmire of war... in order to weaken and exhaust one another, inciting Germans to go to the East, promising easy money and suggesting, 'Just start a war with the Bolsheviks, and all will be fine'.
(J. Stalin).

* * *

'The enemy had hoped that Russia will become our enemy after the conquest of Poland. He underestimated my desire to follow through.

Like a bolt from the blue there was made an official announcement today of a nonaggression pact with Russia. The Day After Tomorrow Ribbentrop finalize negotiations. Consequences are still unpredictable.

In politics we are faced with far-reaching plans. We begin with the destruction of global hegemony of England. Now, when I made the necessary arrangements in political terms, the way opened for the soldiers.'
(Adolf Hitler).

'Unbending gait throughout the land... Long period of peace will not bring us good...

Goal number one: the defeat of Poland, even if war breaks out in the West.
I'll take care of raising the arguments in favor of war, regardless of whether they are under a solid ground or not.
Winners are not judged. When you are at war, only victory is important.

Close your hearts to pity.
Proceed without mercy. 80 million people should get what they deserve. Maximum of cruelty. The blame for failure will fall on those commanders who succumb to panic.

Our goal is to destroy Poland to the ground. The main thing is speed. Chase until it is destroyed.'
(Adolf Hitler).

'England hopes on Russia and the United States.
If Russia cannot hope to come true, then America will remain on the sidelines, because the destruction of Russia is extremely increase the power of Japan in the Far East... Russia is a factor which most relies England...
When Russia will be crushed, the last hope of England crumbles to dust. Then Germany would be master of Europe and the Balkans.

Solution: The destruction of Russia should be part of this struggle.

The spring of 1941. The sooner Russia is crushed, the better. The attack may reach the goal only if the roots of the Russian state undermined by a single blow. Capture part of the country will fail...
If we begin in May 41st, we will have five months to finish everything.
It would be best to finish all this year, but it is not possible to carry out joint actions.'
(Adolf Hitler).

'I will tell you another thing, Duce. For the first time since I faced the need to take this difficult decision, I feel inwardly free.

Cooperation with the Soviet Union I consider as a betrayal of myself, my ideas, my former obligations.
Now I am happy that is free from these internal torment.'

'We had no other choice, and we had to remove the Russian figure of the European chessboard.

Pre-emptive attack on Russia was our only chance to break it up...
Time is against us... In recent weeks, I would not let the fear overtake me that Stalin.

Population of more northerly regions of Russia, especially in urban areas, will suffer from severe hunger. They will have to die or emigrate to Siberia.

Efforts to save the people of the occupied territories from starvation through the supply of food from the black soil areas, may be taken only at the expense of Europe.
This will undermine the ability to withstand the stress of war in Germany and to resist the siege. In this matter there should be clarity.
The consequence of this policy will be fading and dying industry a large number of human beings and in sparsely populated regions without Russia.'
(A. Hitler).

* * *

'Hitler's 'table talks' provide a wonderful possibility to have insight into the mindset of Hitler 194-1942. And records of his monologues, which his guests and his environment had to listen to after dinner.
This usually occurred at the headquarters of Hitler in capital construction in East Prussia, which he called 'Wolf's Lair' or in his temporary residence near Vinnitsa, Ukraine, called them 'Werewolf'.

The outlines of the empire were the subject of that ignites his imagination and did not leave his language.
July 27 after dinner he found its borders by the line of 2300 kilometers to the east of the Urals.
The Germans will have to hold this line forever and will never allow another military power consolidated in the west of it.'
(A. Bullock).

'We will be able to control the area in the East, and for this we need 250,000 troops, plus good control.

Let's learn from the British who with the help of 250000 people in total, including 50000 soldiers, run 400 million Indians.
We must always prevail in these spaces of Russia... Would be an unforgivable mistake on our part to try to form a mass there.

We will take the southern Ukraine, particularly Crimea, and turn it into a purely German colony. There will be no harm if we replace the population that lives there now.
A German colonist soldier becomes a peasant... Those who came out of the peasants, the Reich will provide a fully equipped farms.
Earth we get nothing. All that we need is to build a farm... These soldiers, farmers will have guns, so that at the slightest sign of danger they could take their seats when we call upon them.

With regard to this Russian wilderness, we sat down it... We Europeanize it. To this end, we will make the construction of roads in the southernmost part of the Crimea and the Caucasus. These roads throughout its length will be littered with German cities, around which our colonists will settle...

As for the two or three million people who we need to accomplish this task, we will find them faster than we think.
They come from Germany, Scandinavia, Western countries and America.
I do not see it all, but after 20 years, Ukraine will be home to 20 million inhabitants, not counting aborigines...

We are not going to settle in Russian cities, we let them fall apart without our intervention. And most importantly: there would be no remorse about it.

In front of these people we do not have any obligations. Fight with shacks, cast fleas, give the German teacher, print newspapers is not for us. We restrict ourselves, perhaps installing a radio transmitter, which will be constantly under our control.

As far as the rest, we'll let them know exactly what is necessary to understand our signs and avoid the risk of being crushed by our cars.

The length of them the word 'freedom' is just a right to wash in the bath on a holiday...
What we need, it is to settle this country by the Germans, Germanize it and look at the native population as to the Redskins...
In this regard, I will cool and go straight ahead.

Nobody will ever take away the East from us. We soon filled up with wheat throughout Europe, as well as coal, steel and wood.
But in order to exploit the Ukraine, the new Indian empire, we need peace with the West...

Enjoy the benefits of continental hegemony is my goal...

Anyone who is master in Europe has a dominant position in the world. The population of the Reich is 130 million people.
90 million will live in the Ukraine.

Add to this the population of other states of the new Europe and we will have 400 million people, compared with 130 million Americans.'
(A. Hitler).

'The destruction of the Russian army, the capture of the most important industrial areas and the destruction of the rest will be for this operation.
Also need to capture district of Baku.
When Russia would be defeated, the British or surrender, or Germany will continue the war, having at its disposal the resources of an entire continent.

And on the other hand, if Russia would be defeated, Japan would act against the United States all their forces and thus prevent the Americans into the war in Europe.

Then, having at its disposal all the untold riches of Russia, Germany would in the future to make war with entire continents. No one will be able to defeat her.

If we carry out this operation, Europe will bate its breath.

After a few weeks we will be in Moscow. I will erase this fucking city to the ground, and in its place build an artificial lake.
The name 'Moscow' will disappear forever.'
(A Hitler)

* * *

'Never before the state has not taken the decision that a certain group of people, including the elderly, its women, its children, her babies will be killed as soon as possible.
And then implementing that decision, using all available state funds.'
(Everhard Iakel).

* * *

'Only one who have seen the endless snow-fields of Russia in the winter of our troubles, who felt on the face of that icy wind can judge about the events.'

'At the critical moment the soldiers recalled that they had heard about the retreat of Napoleon from Moscow in 1812, and lived under the impression that.
If they just started to retreat, it was over a stampede.'
(fon Tippelskirch).

* * *

'The most devastating blow to humanity has been the emergence of Christianity.
Bolshevism is the legitimate child of Christianity.
Both of them are inventions of 'The Jew'. Deliberate falsehood in religion came into being through Christianity.
Bolshevism uses lies of the same nature, when he says that is the freedom of people, only to enslave them...

Word of St. Paul finally perverted the teachings of Christ...

Christ was Aryan, and St. Paul brought the underworld and the dregs of society and thus created protobolshevizm.'
(Adolf Hitler). <

'Fourteen years of Marxism have undermined Germany. One year of Bolshevism destroyed it. If we want to see political and economic revival in Germany, we must act decisively. We must overcome the corruption of the nation's communists.'

'After a deep internal struggle, I was freed from remaining still in my heart since childhood of different religious beliefs.
Now I feel as free and fresh as a foal in a meadow. "
(Adolf Hitler).

* * *

'His head was swaying slightly, his left hand hung powerless, and his fingers trembled visibly. In the eyes of indescribable dancing sparkles, and the effect was a frightening and unnatural.

His face and area under his eyes made an impression of complete exhaustion. All his movements resembled a decrepit old man.'
(A Wehrmacht officer on Hitler in February 1945)

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