Lyuska. Joanna's Page 8

Yulia Ivanova

Lyuska. Joanna's Page 8

From the meadows behind the house steam rises, hot, sweet, if only from newly brewed tea.
It rained for a long time; maybe in a few days and nights, and now a fierce June sun fuck swing.
Yana's socks and sandals long wet, squeeze the hem though, stick to the feet of long blades of grass, daisies, bluebells, entwined, hinder go.

Yana went to the wattle fence because someone cut off from a small kitchen garden meadows and fenced them.
And it went up on a bed of green onion, and in his hand Yana loaf of bread dipped in sunflower oil, sprinkled with grains of salt.
And if this still a few feathers bow.

Yana went to meet his good fortune did not bow, of course, onion is stuff.
Now she gets acquainted with Lyuska and farewell peace.
Days were rushed by the sweet, painful, with all sorts of experiences there and thrill, burning, as many tears from his eyes.
This is the onion, pepper, mustard and still knows what this is she, Lyuska.

Here's a sweet pie.
With onions and cinnamon,
With pepper and mustard.

That's what Lyuska is.
Now Yana gets his mince pie. Until Lyuska there were few steps.

She sat on the fence one bare foot caught on the bars, the other just talking incredibly dirty, with clinging lumps of clay. So Yana initially seems like Lyuska brown boots.

It was a sunstroke or knockout at first sight.
Is the world could be another such a girl?
Lyuska's hair confused as hay in a haystack, a piece of comb sticking out of them, like forks without handles.
Lyuska had no dress, only purple pants rolled up like cowards.
Slim, flexible, like a lizard, calf black molds, and cannot tell where the dirt where tan.
From the shoulder to the elbow Lyuska has a tattoo - a mermaid with a fish tail.

But the most remarkable things were the eyes of Lyuska.
Only that they were closed Lyuska seemed dozing, basking in the sun. Then parted struck them narrow slits Lyuska sensed the approach of the Yana.

They recorded and immediately slammed shut, dull and indifferent. Yana looked at them as if from the street in the window.
But here' was a miracle suddenly broke out, splashed hot gentle light.
Hurry here, to me, I'm awfully glad, I'm awfully fond of.

It was mutuality! Yana was mad of happiness, It was hard for her to believe.
Surely a miracle holds out his hand, really can easily touch woven from multi-colored wires ring on the little finger of wonder girls?

Yana touched the ring and Lyuska smiled. Tooth and the failure of two teeth, and again failure. If black and white keys.
Yana blinked, shook reverently hot dry fingers Lyuska. Wire from the ring scratched hand.

"Give to bite," said Lyuska.

Teeth keys dug into the bread. Wet slid over the skin. Yana had barely pull away her hand with the fingers clenched in stump teeth with traces of Lyuska.

"I know you," said Lyuska, barely moving his mouth full, "You are of a large house, you killed my father, and you do yesterday on an inflatable mattress floating.

Yana nods happily swallows stub without feeling taste.
What really is the onion!

"On the inflatable mattress cool says Lyuska. Only my inflatable mattress has a hole."

"I have one more."

"Then drag and let's go to the pond."

Yana runs to the house, but no, not in time, not to run.
Paint faded, fog crept.
Now turn over the page and it does not have time to tear off with new pillows starched pillowcase; it was her first offense for Lyuska.
How many of them would there be!

She distracted usherette Claudia, that Lyuska broke on "Lady of the Camellias", distract the guard while Lyuska regales kolkhoz currants, distract the teacher, while Lyuska cribbed.

Yana came across. Lyuska did not come across ever.
Yana was considered a hooligan. Lyuska was considered a good boy.
Yana scolded, punished, but she was happy.
It was a real passion, sacrificial and selfless one.

One day her mother lost a brand new feather beret.
After a few days, they are faced with Lyuska on the street. Lyuska sported in my mother's take.
Yana cried, swore that takes donated directly imposed by force, but why, I do not know.
Perhaps such it nasty, and let her mom will not let me at least a year in the movie, but do not complain Lyuska's mother.

Then mom said so let Lyuska sorry her, if Yana was crazy, but she needs her beret, so she took it.
But as it turned so bad and it was cold outside, let her wear Lyuska woolen shawl with roses and generally will take it for good.
And she was at home with Yana talk.

Lyuska affectionately squinted at Yana from under her shawl with roses, scarf she really went.
Yana trailed behind her mother, ready to endure any punishment.

Mom silently entered the room, on the sofa threw her coat, beret and the ill-fated, pulling her to him, asked with bitter bewilderment:

"Why do you love her so?"

This Yana did not know.
This disease is somehow also called love.
Of course, she was not supposed to like Lyuska. It was then love her mom.

And now, many years later, she is not fond of Lyuska and understands everything.

But mother died a long time ago, and nothing can be changed already.

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