Democracy is in hell but the Kingdom is in the Heaven. The Word of Father Andrew

Julia Ivanova

Democracy is in hell but the Kingdom is in the Heaven. The Word of Father Andrew

The Soviet power with all its flaws was shocking saving.

The Lord preserved it and it seemed unshakable.

But steadily approaching full moon at midnight, clock struck.

"Gorbachev called Sakharov" it was like a sinister code such innocuous and insignificant but suddenly collapsed.

The guards turned into werewolves in predatory wolves. Destroyed the fence, nibbled flock scattered.

The remaining divided country on criminal animal area to, of course, is not to take care of sheep for the Lord, and to eat them yourself. And feed his lambs and wolf cubs.

Together, the sheep could easily trample wolves. But they are stupid, trampling each other and fighting for "separatist" corrals, where they alone were allowed to freely on the barbecue.

Preach in such conditions, "non-resistance to evil" and "obedience to authority" to give God's to Caesar's. For the sheep belong to Master.

Then there were the guards, now there are predators.

"There have been worse times, but it was not mean".

Yes, before it was forbidden to advertise their faith, especially senior staff and members of the party. Yes, you could ask to leave the ideological work.

But did any of you ever killed or arrested for their faith?

It is unlikely that a true Christian would Scarecrow and martyr's crown!

"For great is your reward in heaven."

No, it is another "bribe" you crave; you also become predators thrive due to the weak.

Luxury, indolence you crave - all that you hated the Soviets banned.

That is what you hate them, if you remove the influence of witchcraft, zombie media.

So dog hates his chain, believing that without it will be free.

It will not free and untethered. Stray, feral, brutal, stray, but not free!

This whole experience has shown post-Soviet "democracy."

It is forbidden to forbid. Truly satanic hatred for a ban of the Creator:

- Do not eat surely die!

If you cannot sin, but at least recognize that sin.

The opportunity to travel the world, to teach children at the Sorbonne, and even back off a round sum for the restoration of the church it can, and it would be nice, but not at the expense of others.

God will not accept an unjust victim.

Yes, you are "friends" were "sheep", but you were in that totalitarian power of obedience. For her sins: Termination of your church sermons, sacraments, for the imposition of atheism - the Lord asks from rulers of that time.

But do not rejoice in this, that they are free!

You vote for predators, child molesters, murderers, power-hungry men, maniacs, fearing that the "commies come again, put on the chain to get to work."

And do not reach you, unhappy that now all the blood and tears, sorrow and curse people fall in full and you sit on the throne of ghouls.

Who succumbed to their flattering promises, freely chosen participation in their ungodly evil deeds.

And when you dropped into the ballot box bulletin that "Russia needs a president" that is, the head must be separated from the body and you voted for the downfall of the Orthodox Fatherland.

And for the refugees, and the girls on the panel and the elderly in trashes, and for drug addicts."

And for the shooting of the Council House.
And for the Chechen and the NATO massacre.
And maybe for the Whore of Babylon.

For the Antichrist government for accession on earth the power of Satan, whom you helped release your own vote, your silence, your acquiescence.
A then the direct complicity of evil.

And you respond with the main Jackals world for every tear, for every drop of innocent blood, for every ruined soul.

His will divide their terrible fate for eternity, unless you repent.

For "God betrayed by your silence."

For "Democracy in hell and in heaven is the kingdom."

"And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was its fall."
(Mt. 7:27).

Not Soviets built their home "on the sand", for no Entente or fifth column, no hordes of Hitler failed to conquer Russia Red.

This was said about Russia "democratic." "Broken loose".

Which is better is honest strict pastors who do not know exactly who their master, but the saint his flock, or a predator and destroyer, lip service to the Lord, and, moreover, say that administers their terrible alleged improper conduct with His blessings?

Think about it. Those who still had the mind, re-read the Gospel. Who else save vision, look around.

Listen, finally, to my heart it does not judge you?

God, as we know, is not mocked. Those who bless werewolves and puts on the throne will be shamed.

You just said, "Come out of her, my people".

So who is "my"? Anyone who listened to the voice and came out, did not participate in the affairs of Babylon, or who remained disobedient?

Christ said, "I am The Way, the Truth and the Life".

Way to go! And anyone who goes through it, the slave church and non-church pastors, or he walks, overcoming alone ruts and potholes, or even the cost of indecision, or lying exhausted in the dust, but does not go away, or let wade forward with a heavy backpack property and fuss just for them, the travelers, that is to choose the path it is said:

"My sheep know my voice."

By the way, now that the Communists were reconciled to heaven and allowed admission to the party faithful, - the difference between believers Communists and other "churched" virtually nonexistent.

Skies please state "hold", or at least neutral. But it is not corrupt.
Of course, every state uses violence. But the Soviets used "illicit devices", mainly for the sake of the flock.

And the current molesters and predators are organized for a "privatized slaughter." Which kill not only the body but also the soul.

They gravitate to the "Whore of Babylon", the world's center of luxury, corruption and speculation, uncontrolled rampage proud lusts and matter.

Single monetary system in the future. Internet, providing a total surveillance of all dissenters with the "new order". The combined forces of NATO fluffing with dissidents in the spirit of the "new world order." World government.

And the end of the Antichrist, the crowning near collapse convicted Creator fallen world.

The harvest of the Lord will come when the answer to the question: "3achem we?" become universal silence.

From now on, we are not in obedience and responsible for everything.


Can you say that on the cross, or prison, or cage with lions, which threw the martyrs is definitely a bad thing? "Violation of human rights" etc.?

No, its "fiery furnace" in which forged saints and redeemed us with the Savior.

But clearly we can say that the enmity, theft, bribery, luxury, lust, envy, murder, what is happening to us, it is bad, death to us all.

The fact that the cathedral rejected conscience of our great ancestors, from which refused our fathers and grandfathers, defended the right of blood and life does not live by the laws of vampires; once again dragged the poor in Russia stinking swamp.

We are back as a dog to its vomit, betraying Laws of the Creator and the covenants of their ancestors. Deceiving themselves some "rights".

And again I ask myself and you, whether the prosperity of the state of the monument he predators?
Powerful long-range lethal weapon, not only NATO missiles, not only nuclear warheads, and Ostankino needle, which now put the people.

The Lord in His great mercy keeps us together and increase in sin.

We will squirm and burn in the furnace until it melted the "new generation", able to withstand Babylon.

Or we will pull the whole world him into hell.

"Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the LORD, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for I have determined to gather the nations, assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for the fire of my jealousy all the earth shall be devoured."
(Sof. 3: 8).

God gave us freedom, and the people in general have chosen freedom from God, which was the cause of the world's evil.

FREEDOM is especially not from someone, but from his fallen nature. From himself.

It is to recognize their identity, ownership of the creator.

Soviet society for the first time in history has tried, albeit primitive, but to adopt the ethics of Heaven, at the same time seeing it as a bad infinity, chaotic and meaningless conglomeration of matter and emptiness.

It is amazing that we managed to do so much.

They pulled the plug out of the plug, the source of life and light, and tried to grope in the dark and cold, stumbling and falling, to build the Kingdom of Light.

And how many people understand the essence, the nature of evil? We hated neighbor offended authority, or us and not entrenched in us and other dark.

Biting each other like a dog stick. And not the one who wielded the cane.

But the Lord has not left us, the deaf and the blind, who do not believe in heaven.

The Heaven itself down to us. And with His help, we still built a great wonderful country. We ourselves have built the dungeon for their own instincts, passions and sins, not knowing how else to beat them.

Bright prison.

And then they themselves have helped to destroy the power over the banks of the accumulated evil.

And now it is, to break free, tormented and finishes us.

We did not start properly "walk to Africa." Because there we saw littered grub and junk shop window and burst with envy.

We seemed to forget not only the great commandment, but great literature. Forgot about Leo Tolstoy, who was standing in the house before her candle burns down thinking about his own life.
About corruption and the eternal.

Does a person need a lot of land for?

We have forgotten that "pockets in a shroud not." On the "Miserly Knight." On the "Feast or Famine".

We forgot the "dugout", "dark night", "Wait for me".

We forgot your "My address is the Soviet Union." The column heading to summer camp bus with the words "Caution, Children". Victory Salute and Gagarin's flight.

We all forget to discover at the end of XX century, that all our great thousand-year history of the ascent to the truth, painful search and meditation of the Holy Fathers of the Church, writers and thinkers are not worth a damn.

The truth turns out to be in these windows and junk piled opportunities sneer over all that was holy millennium. Over so-called "shovels" values.

No, my children, this is not a "soviet", this Christian values. It is the same idea of Heaven, Law of unity, which is in fact practiced destroyed your country.

"All for one, one for all."

Would you prefer a world where "all for one, one for all." That is a revolt against the Plan.

Competition, greed, self are rebellions against the Creator, and try to prove otherwise. Although, of course, in the case of vampires, and charity, and selflessness.

Give flesh, take breath. Austerity, contentment only the most necessary, the cornerstone of the Plan. Today advertising is climbing out of his way to stir up new desires and passions.

To have, possess, buy. And in the name of the stick, as cursed, crushing under her near and far, paying their own destiny in eternity.

I'm not talking about artificial inciting collective lust in the most vile ways.

Think of Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember the "seductive eye", which is better to vomit.

World of unrestrained consumption condemned by the Creator at all.

In so despised, and now you ruined the country knew it, instead of coming up with the competition and the Stakhanovite movement and teams of communist labor.

Chukchi has no word for "freedom," they say, "broken loose".

You broke loose and now run like a dog, biting each other, randomly copulating and not knowing what to do with your evil "looseness."

It turns out that "it was out of tune." Soviet-fidelity, friendship among peoples, virtuous, modest life of any doctor or an engineer - "all false."

But Chechnya, Karabakh, group sex and the possibility zahapat national wealth, becoming a banker are the most that neither is true.

Congratulations, it is a very valuable idea.

In any virtue there is possibility of sin. The friendship of the peoples there is Chechnya, in chastity and fidelity is Sodom and Gomorrah. In a quiet unassuming accountant, there is a tycoon.

Therefore, I break loose, break right and left attached to my Creator and yelling instructions to the whole world that I am free.
And what is the meaning of life only in its trough, from which I slurped until bursting, not allowing others.

We have arrived!

Still thank God that the trough was broken. May be wise ...
For most of human earthly life i9s a feast during the plague.

Sometimes modest dinner, if not starvation. Consider that the Lord all this up so that we get high in anticipation of a coffin trolley - blasphemy against God. Not least because it deliciously, when someone near bad or hungry is a violation of the Plan and the Act.

Otherwise God would not have been the absolute goodness and love.

But is not it against the bad, leading to necrosis of the soul "want" fighting censorship by the Soviets? Is not that the Lord is kept Russia, nourishing juices of life?

But a rare treasure, even with a valid plan for the way to the treasure, go to the hard way, knowing that they will never not take advantage of this treasure.

Soviet ideology preached a shoulder, and you fit the other, to the recipient the third, and the third the fourth and so on. And it will move to the top.

And then you die, die second, third, and so on. Until someone sees, finally, the dawn of communism.

"Fish Brick on the head." If the former Communists were pioneers, the subsequent preferred only shout "Forward!"

And then did become "shady dealers."

Well, the people in response to neighborhood located on the lawn, under the sun, under the slogan "Drink and snack, and do not be concerned about these stupid things."

Enthusiastically sang "And we do not care!" There were "nihilists" that all "light up" and "on the drum."

A tree with roots hemmed gradually withered and fallen from a tiny shake under the weight of our common sin, the critical mass is rapidly growing.


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